happily ever after: Pudgy Mom VS. Rock Hard Mom

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pudgy Mom VS. Rock Hard Mom

It's happened. I've peedered out. (Is 'peedered' a word? If so, how do you spell it?) This happens EVERY TIME! I get all excited and motivated and it lasts maybe a week or two. UGH! I was going to the gym every day, waking up, going, feeling good, looking....well...feeling good. But then, my back had a kink in it and I just couldn't go feeling like that, so I went back to bed. Then the next morning, well, pancakes sounded good, and I didn't want to put another kink in my back, so I made pancakes instead. Then, no one exercises on the weekend, do they?, I mean it's kind of like dieting on the weekend, that's just WRONG! Then Monday happens, and well, the kids, they need me. SO now it's Tuesday morning, Dave got me up early, the poor kid is so itchy....we tried Tea Tree Oil last night, guess that didn't work. (he's got poison ivy on two legs, three arms, and his tummy) So, now, I'm up, fully awake and should go to the gym. But it's warm in the house, and snuggling on the couch sounds SO much better. See, this is what happens, I start thinking that a pudgy mommy is way better than a rock hard mommy. But a healthy mommy IS more important, I know, I know. Gotta go grab my ipod and shoes, hopefully I'll drive all the way to the gym and not stop off at the Starbuck's instead.