happily ever after: Thing One and Thing Two

Friday, January 11, 2008

Thing One and Thing Two

These are my boys. They wanted to have their own post. So here it is. My oldest is about to turn 12. He's big and handsome and has a soft heart. He loves Indiana Jones, we're trying to teach him not to obsess. We're not doing a very good job. :o)

Indy in the Kitchen

Indy outside, with his sidekick

But this is him on a normal day, isn't he handsome? We were trying to raise just one eyebrow. They think it's such a great thing that I can do, but they cannot. Well he tries though, and it makes me laugh every time!

(I apologize that these pictures are so dark, we're not too great in the photography department.)
But, seriously isn't he handsome? I mean, the girls are going to have it rough, he'll have to pick just one and so many will want him.

Though I have to say that he's been extremely loval to this one girl since he was like 5. He still gets all red in the face when her name is brought up. She, of course, doesn't feel the same way, because, ewww-gross, he's a boy.....but we just know she'll change her mind in a few years. I mean how can you resist this guy, he's a major movie action hero!

Then, there's the Dave.....we're thinking he's not going to have any problems with the girls. Especially with this talent.

But he's pretty cute and we think we'll keep him. He doesn't have a girl yet, because, ewwww-you're not suppose to admit such things when you're almost 10. He's a squirrel of a kid in every way and makes us laugh.