happily ever after: Happy Birthday

Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday

It's birthday time in our house. That's because my boys were born 2 years and 4 days apart. Which makes it total birthday mayhem for about a week. The first birthday to be celebrated will be the firstborn. This is what he thought we got him.....it's a foot rest for his quad.....he ripped off the old one by running it into a tree on Thanksgiving. He was very thankful and excited and he did a good job hiding his disappointment. Then his little brother squealed and he found out that there was another 'real' present waiting for him in the other room. That's when the 'real' excitement and thankfulness took place.

(Please don't judge us, we DO think it's okay to give boys guns. It's an airsoft gun. Yes, we DO think it's okay they pretend to shoot things. Yes, we DO get them suited up and let them play a VERY SAFE game of airsoft war with their friends. This is definately an NRA supporting family.)

I wish I could say that I took pictures of the boy all day long, while he was enjoying his waffles, indiana jones watching, shopping, lunching, playing, shooting, eating pizza with our friends.....but I didn't. But I'm mostly sad that I didn't take a picture of the absolutely perfect Strawberry Cheesecake that I made for his dessert. I forgot, or maybe I was just tired and hungry and didn't want to bother with the camera. We had a very fun but very relaxing day together.


That was Saturday. This is Monday. My favorite friend just came by, he's really cute and drives a really big brown truck, and he brings me packages all the time. I really like him. Sweetie says I should invite him to dinner sometime. But today, he didn't bring me presents, he brought the boys presents. What's up with that????!!!! But this is the excitement that ensued with the little guy. He was already done with his school work, so he got to open first. Yes, I realize it's 2 more days until his actual birthday, but have you seen his dimples???? Yeah, you'd have given him the box too. Plus, the fact, that I won't see him or hear from him for like 16 1/2 hours while he puts the dang thing together. MOM'S LOVE LEGOS!!!!

DAVE: "Mom, can I please use the knife to open the tape?"
MOM: "No, you're almost ten, use your teeth."

DAVE: "Mom, seriously, please give me the scissors!"
MOM: "Nope, it's a good lesson for you to learn....patience."

MOM: "See, told you."
DAVE: "Yeah, it's been like 40 minutes"
MOM: "Um, more like 30 seconds, dude"

DAVE: "Oh, man, she wrapped it."
MOM: "ha-ha, love that Mimi!"
MOM: "Hey, read the card first, you maniac!"

(Here he is doing the shake test, to check for any money, Sweetie taught the boys this trick, it's very 'well-mannered' of them, don't you think?)

He's reading.....

DAVE: "Geeze, I already did my reading lesson for the day!"
MOM: "hee-hee"

DAVE: "Oh, but they're very sweet."
MOM: "Did my boy just say 'sweet'?"
DAVE: "M-O-M!"

DAVE: "Okay, now for the good stuff!"

DAVE: "oh man! S-W-E-E-T, I love these things!"
MOM: "okay, that's the kind of sweet I'm used to."