happily ever after: October 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Morning

I will miss this yard.

Yesterday as I was climbing the driveway to go on my walk, the leaves were falling off the trees and onto my head. How sweet is that?

The outside smells like camping. You know that great morning air, that is so fragrant of trees and dirt and grass and nature? I love that smell. And my house has that in abundance. You can't bottle that smell. Sorry, Yankee Candle, you just don't got it.

I finally went on a walk yesterday morning. I don't even wanna look at my calendar and calculate how long it's been since I'd walked my street. I got all teary-eyed. I have five more days to walk this sweet street.

I love the neighborhood dog that just stands up and greets, she's too old to do much else. I love the donkey's braying in the morning.

I love the old guy that is constantly workin' in his yard.

I love the stupid guinea birds that saunter across the road just as you're trying to drive by. I love the little old ladies that walk EVERY morning. They put me to shame.

I love seeing the flowers on the graves at the church cemetary. I love that all the cars that pass wave at me. I love that the lady is STILL trying to walk and train her big dog and still won't say anything to me but a very meak 'hi'.

I love walking by the Albrights and seeing their sweet homestead and chickens and horsey, and knowing that I could totally walk in there and get myself a glass of water or steal a cup of coffee if I wanted to. I haven't done that as much as I should have. I will regret that.

I will miss how the road bends and curves and the different sunlight and shade that comes along the way.

And I will miss how sweet my house looks as I turn to come home, the smell of the trees overhead as I walk down the driveway. And those leaves falling on my head.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Sickies

Thing One gave his illness to Thing Two

I'm thinkin' Dave is the picture of good health. yes?

He's just happy he now has a buddy in his misery.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Poor Calvin

So Calvin needs braces. We've known for years, but we had to wait for his 12 year old molars to come in. About a month ago we went for our yearly check and found that it was time. He's so excited. NOT!

This is Calvin before....I'm thinking braces aren't going to help his problem.

This is Calvin after. He's in Jr. High, shocker, I know.

And now, he's got the flu. Fever, sore throat and generally feeling all achy. Can you say Swine Flu?

This is NOT his favorite week. Except that he has sole possession of the TV remote and a Mama that is making him anything he wants to eat. Lovely times.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

House Hunters

My favorite TV show is on HGTV. House Hunters. So I thought we could play a game. Here are the three houses that we're currently trying to decide between. You choose your favorite.

The Country House

-2400 square feet
-3 bedroom + bonus room
-2 1/2 bath
-1 acre lot
-great neighborhood & outdoor living space
-country setting

The Country Club House

-2399 square feet
-3 bedrooms + bonus room
-2 1/2 bathrooms
-great neighborhood, golfing, pool, park, shopping
-small lot

The In Town House

-2500 square feet
-4 bedrooms + office room
-2 1/2 bathrooms
-close to everything
-houses are right on top of each other
-small lot

Fall Enjoyment

Just some things that are bringing me some enjoyment lately...

1. I saw this little treasure in the Walmart the other day. Sprayed it and flew back to when I was a little girl. This was a scent I always wore....it was only $9.00, I could not resist!

2. My fall shoes. They are comfort for my back and feet. And look even cuter with my flowered socks.

3. The praise music CD that Calvin picked out for my stereo this week. He plays it while he's doing the morning dishes, brings such joy to our happy home. Love that big guy.

(calvin before his football game, what a stud!)

4. Going to the library. It is my boy's favorite thing to do right now. I love seeing what books they find. They each have their own card and check out their own books.

5. My fall stuff is packed up and in the bottom of the storage unit. I absolutely love this little 'Autumn' book, but mine is packed away. I found a copy at the Library yesterday.

6. While my boys are at writing class, I'm curled up on a sofa in the local coffee shop, enjoying a pumpkin spice latte, Christian tunes comin' over the stereo, free wi-fi and my favorite book. It's chilly outside. It doesn't get any better than this.

7. Work. So very thankful that Sweetie has work, and that our guys in CA have some work finally as well.

(sweetie at the football game)

8. We get to go to the Hurricanes Hockey game tonight. (Thanks Jason, you're the best!) We haven't been to a hockey game since before the boys were born. I've always wanted to take them, I just know they will appreciate the fights (I mean the game)!

9. Cultivating new friendships. My fellow sisters in Christ.

10. Cozy mornings. Dave comes down and snuggles in Sweetie's chair with him while they go over the latest sports scores. Then he comes into my bed and reads with me. Love that little guy.

(dave gettin' ready to steal second)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. The cold weather.

2. No more showings on the house. Definition: no more keeping it constantly picked up and clean.

3. Starting school again with the boys.

4. Pretty good rentals in the area.

5. The hardwoods were too cold to walk on barefoot this morning. A sure sign that fall is here.

6. That it looks like our house will sell and be closed in one month. Such an answer to prayer.

7. The Dr. had to change my thyroid meds and now I'm not hungry all the time. Yipee!

8. A pretty empty weekend is coming up, we need some down time.

9. Shopping for houses is pretty much 'Ultimate Fun' for this shopaholic.

10. Feeling relaxed today. Very thankful for the calmness that God gives me in crazy times.