happily ever after: Bragging

Monday, January 21, 2008


Can I brag a little? I mean, it's my blog and he's my kids, so yeah, I'm thinking I can brag. It's not a sin is it? Like glutney? And just how bad of a sin is glutney, anyway? Anyone know the answer to this? 'Cause I've got this friend that has this affection for cookies and she was just wondering. Anyway, I digress....back to the bragging.

You see, for those that may not know it, I'm a homeschooling mom. And I'm really not that good at it. We've always known that we wanted to homeschool, but they started getting to the school age and I realized I didn't really WANT to do it...so I looked for some other home they could be homeschooled in. But God is good, he re-assured me, and we've been trying, or least looking like we're trying, most of the time, for the past 7 years (dang, that sounds pretty good doesn't it?). Well, I just have to say that I am like most mothers....or at least that's what I tell myself. I have lots of self doubt. I mean BIG DOUBT about my skills as a homeschooling mom. Questions like..."Will this math curriculum help equip them to have a good paying job when they are 40 and trying to pay a mortgage and support their 2.5 kids and a wife that has a shopping habit?" "Will this English lesson help them write well in a love note to their sweetie to ensure she will marry them or in a resume to get that well paying job?" "Will they EVER learn how to carry on a conversation that makes sense?" "Will they EVER learn what tax is, how to calculate it, and to remember to figure that in when buying that huge lego set?" I could go on and on. But today I had a little victory and I just have to share.

We're in the car (coming home from the new math tutoring place, see what I mean?!) and Calvin starts telling me all about this new book that he's reading. It's....Captains Courageous. I didn't assign it. I never assign books. They've always just loved to read. I do make sure they have all sorts of good stuff to read...the classics and good literature...but also good age appropriate stuff too like....The Treehouse Books, Captain Underpants...you know, the good stuff. Well, he was doing one of his lessons the other day and learned about the author of this book, realized that the book was in his bookshelf and went running up the stairs to get it. He's been reading it ever since. And he can tell me all about it. THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF THAT I ALWAYS HEAR THE HOMESCHOOLING MOMS TALK ABOUT AT ALL THE CLASSES, CONVENTIONS,BOOKS,ETC., ...AND ...HERE ...MY ...BOY ...IS ...DOING ....IT! I'd like to say that it's my influence, but really, I think he gets it from....well, not even quite sure where he gets it. Maybe his grandma on his Dad's side; she's a lover of all things knowledge or so she will tell you while playing Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit. (reminder to self: stick to UNO with Mother-in-Law)

Well, thanks for indulging me. Sometimes a mom just needs to gush! :o) Oh, and can I please put a disclaimer on all my blog posts?....PLEASE do not judge me on any misspelled words or poor grammer. I tend to believe that the cyber world, be it email or blogging, is void of all english rules. So, just get over it.