happily ever after: August 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

My Son, the Techno Geek

First it was Superman, then it was Indiana Jones, now it's Popular Science. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying.

This is the boys finding all the loot that I throw into the office closet, anything that has a cord and doesn't have a home or isn't plugged into something, goes into this abyss. Jay would have a zillion cords all over his desk or the floor if I let him. So I put them here, until he needs them. Which he never does. Go figure.

But this is my teenager's Nirvana. You'd think that I'd just given him a hundred bucks to blow at Radio Shack or something. He had his little brother pulling things out and then he'd say what it was and plug it in. I was just sitting there dumbfounded. I mean, how did he learn all this? I was getting ready to place it on ebay for free, how was I suppose to know it was a jackpot for geeky boys?

Then today, we sold the futon, we don't really need it and it takes up space and we don't wanna move it. So the dunderheads (don't get me started on them) that bought it, came and just looked at it and wondered if it would fit into their 4runner. By now, I really don't care and I'm standing there in a cold infested fog. Calvin, being the stud that he is, explains that they could take it apart and fit it that way. Then he goes to the tool chest, gets the tools and proceeds to take the thing apart for them. While the guy is slowing trying to help, Calvin then hoists the mattress over his shoulder and carries the thing and puts it in the back of the truck. After they got all the pieces into the truck, they then realize that the back door won't close and that they really shouldn't drive down the highway with the back open, the thing might slide out. Yep, pretty much. Calvin finds them the bungee cords and shows them how to tie the thing down.

I'm still standing there in a daze. Now because I realize that my boy is growing up. He's only 13, but I realize that these people don't know that, they probably think he's more like 16. I won't tell him that, it would just be wrong for him to be thinkin' of himself as older than he is. But I'm pretty proud of him and pretty proud of his Dad for teaching him such things. All this time, we thought he wasn't paying attention, we were wrong, sort of, he pays attention, but only to the good stuff...like how to use a USB cord, allen wrench and bungee cords. I'm thinking he's pretty much ready for engineering school. Only if he can get his teacher to pass him in Math.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Being Moved

I'm sorry I've been away for awhile. God has been doing some serious work in me and I've been really struggling with this blog. My pride and selfish spirit was backing this blog and I was finally convicted of it. Especially when Sweetie and I find ourselves upon hard times and there really isn't any room for pride and selfishness when you're struggling.

I'll try to keep this short as I know that those long wordy bloggity posts can get boring.

Our country is in a recession. duh. The state of California is really feeling the hurt of that recession in a big-big way. We have a house and a company in California. Work slowing down to such a minimum and us trying to carry it through left us in a mess of debt. Then work slowing down to be almost non-existent has made dealing with those bills troublesome. Our house in CA won't sell, we are probably too upside down in it anyways and can't get anymore $$ out of it to pay anything off, so it doesn't really help us to lower the cost of it, plus it just feels like we're giving it away and not being good stewards with it. We found out that we have a chunk of equity in our home here in NC so we are going to try to put it on the market. Our company here is doing good and we are so very thankful for the Lord's provision. He is ever faithful and good, and has proved as much to us through the years.

I have also been faced with the realization that I am closer to God when we are struggling. I know this is not news to anyone, it is a common thread in many people's lives. But I don't like that. I want to feel this heart melting peacefulness when I rest in HIS arms all the time. There is truly no better place to be, ever.

We have slowed down our watching of movies, even though we have the clear play machine that takes the 'bad' out for the kids...we realized that we're still maybe allowing too much negative and right now we need some positive. So last night we watched 'Facing the Giants'. I won't even apologize for it, it is by far my most favorite movie EVER. The lessons taught in that movie move me every time I watch it. By the end I'm in tears and I am always seeing something else that I can learn from it. It reminds me of the crucial importance of Godliness in our lives and not letting 'everything else' get in the way. It reminds me of the preciousness of simple things, things that God provides and nothing more.

So I've decided to start blogging again. I want to apologize for maybe trying to appear like I had it all together or that my life was so 'idealistic' or perfect. It is far from the truth. Hopefully I didn't come across that way at all. But I know that my heart was not in the right place and I'm sorry for that.

We find ourselves in not unfamiliar territory, we have been without before and we've been in riches, and now we find ourselves in the land of 'without' again. It's hard to go backwards. I've seen others go through it and have known that it would be hard on anyone. I find myself with mixed emotions, sometimes I'm crying because of the weight of it all, other times I'm rejoicing for what I can see now, that I wasn't seeing before. I am thankful.

Not too long ago I prayed that God would break down the walls that I had up, that he would just break my heart that I might see Him more. He is doing that and I have found such joy, I cannot even tell you.

At the beginning of my blogging break I had been reading all sorts of blogs and some in particular that talked about 'having a blog purpose'. I am like other bloggers where I live my days seeing all sorts of funny stories that if I had the time to run right to the computer I could blog all day. But I wanted to have more of a purpose and didn't know what that looked like. I finally decided to pray about it. And I had lots of days looking at the screen with absolutely no coherent thought to put down. And then tonight, it came, along with a fresh rush of tears.

I will still blog for my family that loves to know what we've been up to. I will still blog embarrassing things about my family and me. I will still show you obnoxious pictures of my house and all things organizational. But hopefully my heart will be in the right place and I will share more of our 'reality' journey here as well.

So I leave you tonight with a thankful list from today...

1. Sleeping in till 9am, the whole family.

2. Snuggling and talking with Sweetie this morning in bed.

3. Making breakfast for my guys while we all sat in the kitchen talking.

4. The quality conversations that we are having lately.

5. That first sip of coffee. Oh my goodness, it's so incredibly yummy. I have to sit down just to enjoy it more.

6. My well toasted english muffin, butter & blackberry fruit spread for breakfast.

7. My hour long chat with my Mama, while laying on the cozy sofa.

8. My Sweetie, who is the mostest-bestest husband ever in the whole entire land. That man is so much fun.

9. The Jr.High humor that goes on between my boys. Cracks me up, though I don't ever want them to do that in front of my Grandmother!

10. Getting lost on the way to the hospital (to visit friends that just had a baby) but then finding moving boxes, lots and LOTS of free moving boxes. If I had bungee cords I would have totally been able to take them all and strap them on the top of the car. It's amazing how many boxes my little Camry can hold.

11. Learning my way around Chapel Hill and UNC hospital.

12. Getting to hold sweet baby Charlie, he's such a cutie.

13. Making a yummy dinner including a chocolate cake for dinner, and watching the little league playoffs on TV.

14. Sweetie getting to watch his first Charger game on TV, while eating his cake and drinking his coffee. He is a happy-happy man.

Thanks for reading. Big love and hugs to all of you.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday's Musings

I'm at a complete loss.

The well of funny stories has run dry.

Sweetie thinks I need to take up some sort of hobby and blog about it.

It's something that we've been playin' around with for weeks now. And this weekend, I finally decided yes, I would.

I was even going to let y'all come up with good ideas for me and comment about them and then I'd choose one. Or maybe not.

But then this morning happened. The first day of school. Half of my day was spent getting their lessons ready for the day and getting them going on them.

The second half of the day was spent doing my weekly errands.

Tomorrow I will spend a good chunk of the day again, grading today's work and getting that day's lessons ready for the boys. I will drive my Chocolate Teddy Graham butt to the gym to work out. Then I will need to work in the office.

Yep, those are my hobbies; homeschoolin' and office work. Oh the fun.

A friend just asked me the other day what my hobby was and I replied, 'Jay & the boys'. Yeah, they're my hobby. Kinda sad isn't it?? I realize that it is a privilege to get to do what I do, and I do love it and am very thankful for the opportunity. But I find I do have some free time and would like to be productive.

A couple of months ago, my Dad was telling me that I probably needed to come up with a hobby or job, something that will take up some of my heart space, so that as the boys get older and more independent I don't get lonely and sad. Sweetie totally agreed with him. Whatever!

I was thinking that Sweetie wanted me to get a job to try to help with finances, but really he just wants me to have something that is mine that really brings me joy and a purpose.

Well enter in recently taking over the bookkeeping for our business again and school starting up today. Yippee, I have purpose again.

One of the ideas Sweetie had for me was to start an organizing business. Since I absolutely love doing it and have pretty much run out of chances to do it in our own home, I should go forth and help others. I love the idea, I just don't see myself as 'qualified'. Shouldn't I have some sort of certificate that says I'm a 'Real Life Organizer'? (Thought: I could probably print one up off the internet, yes?)

Anyhoo, that's what has been in my brain lately. To hobby or not to hobby. Let me know your thoughts.

Friday, August 7, 2009

This Week In Pictures

Sorry I've been away this week. Been a little busy, it's our last week before starting school and we've been enjoying ourselves.

Saturday coffee on the deck. Sweetie woke me up early and wanted to have coffee out on the deck. Then we got interrupted by this cute little guy. How could we resist?

Calvin's been working really hard at his football practices. He had a 3 hour long practice on Saturday, was hot and tired when he got home. Tall glass of sweet tea, fresh melon, yummy sandwich, goldfish crackers and the comics...he was a happy, happy boy.

Some friends took us to a Durham Bulls game, we hadn't been yet, such fun. This is Dave watchin' the game.

Someone please tell Calvin he's looking the wrong way.

Me and my guys, on our way to a friends house.

Even when Calvin is gone, the cat will find a soft place to rest. Sweet little Dave belly, though a little sunburned, he's a sweet spot.

Hope y'all had a good week.