happily ever after: March 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Busy But Good Week

It's been a busy but fun week.

I took this picture because my sister had just texted me a picture of her foot, in a sock, that I had sent her, with a big hole in it, and was asking if I could darn it for her...yeah right, I had better things to do...Sweetie and I were going on a fancy dinner date that night. Too much fun. I LOVE this dress. I got it at my favorite consignment boutique in town.

The next day, Dave and I were running errands and the van broke down. In the middle of the street. With my hazard lights on. With grumpy people honking and giving us dirty looks. I was mortified and Dave was just laughing at the whole thing and wavy like a crazy person at all the grumpy drivers. We had to wait like that for 1/2 an hour for the tow truck and it was FREEZING. Good times.

After bring dropped at the car place, we WALKED to the taco bell for some lunch. Did I mention it was FREEZING!? I got Dave and I churros to help ease the pain of our day. (did you know Taco Bell has churros?) They ARE NOT as good as Rubios, it was very sad.

Later that night, we went to Target. Dave loves to go off and do his own thing while I do my shopping. But then he came and found me, with THIS thing on top of his head. He just kept walking around with it on top of his head, what a goober.

The boys had their 'end of year' testing this week. I had to go help one day, it was really hard. It was during my nap time. Not okay. I'm really not cut out to be a home-schooling mom, good thing I'm almost done.

After the last day of testing, we took the kids to Dairy Queen. Grant was dying to go next door to the Thrift Store....but then he came back wearing this...I told him, "Dude, my dad has that shirt!" He is one funny guy, that Grant.

I made a totally rockin & yummy frittata for dinner one night. I love the FREE-TA-TA's. Clean out the fridge and wah-la, dinner! This one was: green onions, asparagus, spinach, mushrooms and some havarti. Scrumptious!

Dave was absently petting Winston's head, how cute is this doggie?

I didn't get any photos of my Calvin this week. He worked A LOT this week, so he was gone A LOT. But he has become a movie star...(helping advertise the upcoming youth retreat.)

Both boys worked a lot this week with Dad, so I had some free time to purge and clean their rooms. SO much easier to do when they aren't watching me throw things away and fold their undies.

I also cleaned their bathroom. Ugh. I always feel like I need a full on shower after I'm done. Boys, blech.

Happy Saturday everyone! I get to go on a walk this morning with a favorite friend and then she and I get to do some big grocery shopping done for a trip we are taking next week. Sweetie and I are going on a double date tonight with a fun couple of friends. All three of my guys are doing the Spartan Race tomorrow so I'll be going to church alone, but then helping with a baby shower in the afternoon. This next week we are going to the mountains with some friends. We are all SO excited!!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pictures From Our Week

Having fun with our new Keurig.

My hard working boy was so happy, happy, happy...pulled pork & watching The Incredibles for dinner.

I drove my guys crazy with this table cloth. I think it's so obnoxious it's adorable.

Sweet boy and his dog.

Love making a hearty breakfast for my guys. Found these Breakfast Skillet bags in the freezer section at my favorite store. They love them.

Not as much fun, THIS is my breakfast. (oatmeal, walnuts, banana, wheat germ, flax seed & cinnamon) Every. Ding. Dong. Day.

Baby Love crawled into my lap again and was snuggling me, I found this picture later that he had shot of us. Love him.

Trying hard to keep the kitchen sink clean and not full of dirty dishes all the time.

I cleaned up our 'mud room'.

Love going on my walk and running into these two cutie-patooties.

Picked up my new candle for spring. So yummy.

Sweetie and I had a date last night with a couple of friends. Love.

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello Monday

I love Monday mornings, I love looking back on the weekend of simple pleasures and looking ahead to the joys of a new week...

1. Snuggling on the couch under the blankets with Dave while watching a movie.

2. Having a great Sunday, unplugged.

3. My cozy Sunday afternoon nap.

4. A sweet date night with my man.

5. The yummiest of lunches, those Red Robin burgers, oh my.

6. Spring is here, longer days, sunny days, neighbors out working in their yards.

7. Calvin hanging with great friends all weekend.

8. Seeing fruits of our parenting, and God working in their lives.

9. Making breakfast for Sunday night dinner. Pancakes just taste better at night.

10. The process and results of scrubbing the kitchen floor.

11. A big hug and 'I love you' from a sweet girl visiting at church yesterday.

12. Being cozy and comfortable, but also feeling cute at church.

13. That early morning shower, so refreshing. I feel so sad for people around the world that don't have the benefit of a daily clean water shower.

14. Finally having the strength to jump on the scale and finding out I haven't gained any of my weight back. Yay!

15. Enjoying a movie together as a whole family last night.

16. So much laughter in my family, it's wonderful.

17. Long walk Saturday morning and getting another one this morning.

18. Looking forward to Ladies Biblestudy and Small Group on Wednesday, and hanging with friends this weekend.

19. Feeling joyful on this Monday, love the fresh start to a new week, feeling refreshed and ready to conquer what's ahead.

20. Slowly embracing my new Keurig coffee machine, still have small twinges of buyers remorse but loving that Sweetie can have his decaf and I get my caffeine!!!

Happy Monday, enjoy and simple pleasures around you and thank God for the blessings.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Some Scenes From Our Life

Dave and I had a day of running around town together. So much fun. He took this picture of us.

And then he took this picture of us.

And then he took THIS picture of himself...it's his attempt at his smolder. He thinks this is what will get him a girlfriend.

But THIS is why he doesn't have a girlfriend.

He cracks himself up.

Every Tuesday night is our 'unplugged' night. From 8pm till 10pm, we are just reading. My favorite night of the week.

My scrumptious babies.

My manly man.

My Monica and I have started walking again at our favorite park. Walking with her is one of the many reasons I wanted to move back to Wake Forest.

I would have gotten a picture of her too, but she was tinkling in the porta-potty.

See this boy, I adore him, completely and totally. He blesses me.

The dinner time line-up. I love feeding my family.

My baking center. My favorite spot, though I don't get to use it these days as much as I want too...stupid high cholesterol.

The cooking corner.

I love a good pantry.

My view while washing dishes. Love my soap and lotion dispensers. I always use the same lotion. Rose Milk, it's what my Grandma used while I was growing up. Love it. I'm hoping it makes my hands all wrinkly like hers were. Precious.

An adorable laundry room makes doing laundry WAY more fun.

My bookcase with all my cookbooks and housekeeping books.

Blankets for snuggling on couch.

Saved by Amazing Grace.

I think every home needs a chicken lamp with dingle balls.

My Walmart cozy house sweater. It's my version of a 'house coat'.

This is Dave's spot for doing his school work.

This is where you can normally find the Kitty taking his naps.