happily ever after: January 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pudgy Mom VS. Rock Hard Mom

It's happened. I've peedered out. (Is 'peedered' a word? If so, how do you spell it?) This happens EVERY TIME! I get all excited and motivated and it lasts maybe a week or two. UGH! I was going to the gym every day, waking up, going, feeling good, looking....well...feeling good. But then, my back had a kink in it and I just couldn't go feeling like that, so I went back to bed. Then the next morning, well, pancakes sounded good, and I didn't want to put another kink in my back, so I made pancakes instead. Then, no one exercises on the weekend, do they?, I mean it's kind of like dieting on the weekend, that's just WRONG! Then Monday happens, and well, the kids, they need me. SO now it's Tuesday morning, Dave got me up early, the poor kid is so itchy....we tried Tea Tree Oil last night, guess that didn't work. (he's got poison ivy on two legs, three arms, and his tummy) So, now, I'm up, fully awake and should go to the gym. But it's warm in the house, and snuggling on the couch sounds SO much better. See, this is what happens, I start thinking that a pudgy mommy is way better than a rock hard mommy. But a healthy mommy IS more important, I know, I know. Gotta go grab my ipod and shoes, hopefully I'll drive all the way to the gym and not stop off at the Starbuck's instead.

Monday, January 28, 2008

All is good again

Sorry it took me SO long to clean my desk, I may have gotten a little distracted.

So, life is better in 'dena-land' again. Now, I won't show you the other table tops in the office, nor will I show you the closet, who's door does not want to close. But for the desk, it's much better.

And this cute little guy?....a gift from my boys. They cleaned out their room this weekend and decided to give this to me. "Chewy" is my favorite. He keeps me company. It's just like a son to give their mom something she can really enjoy.

Happy Birthday

It's birthday time in our house. That's because my boys were born 2 years and 4 days apart. Which makes it total birthday mayhem for about a week. The first birthday to be celebrated will be the firstborn. This is what he thought we got him.....it's a foot rest for his quad.....he ripped off the old one by running it into a tree on Thanksgiving. He was very thankful and excited and he did a good job hiding his disappointment. Then his little brother squealed and he found out that there was another 'real' present waiting for him in the other room. That's when the 'real' excitement and thankfulness took place.

(Please don't judge us, we DO think it's okay to give boys guns. It's an airsoft gun. Yes, we DO think it's okay they pretend to shoot things. Yes, we DO get them suited up and let them play a VERY SAFE game of airsoft war with their friends. This is definately an NRA supporting family.)

I wish I could say that I took pictures of the boy all day long, while he was enjoying his waffles, indiana jones watching, shopping, lunching, playing, shooting, eating pizza with our friends.....but I didn't. But I'm mostly sad that I didn't take a picture of the absolutely perfect Strawberry Cheesecake that I made for his dessert. I forgot, or maybe I was just tired and hungry and didn't want to bother with the camera. We had a very fun but very relaxing day together.


That was Saturday. This is Monday. My favorite friend just came by, he's really cute and drives a really big brown truck, and he brings me packages all the time. I really like him. Sweetie says I should invite him to dinner sometime. But today, he didn't bring me presents, he brought the boys presents. What's up with that????!!!! But this is the excitement that ensued with the little guy. He was already done with his school work, so he got to open first. Yes, I realize it's 2 more days until his actual birthday, but have you seen his dimples???? Yeah, you'd have given him the box too. Plus, the fact, that I won't see him or hear from him for like 16 1/2 hours while he puts the dang thing together. MOM'S LOVE LEGOS!!!!

DAVE: "Mom, can I please use the knife to open the tape?"
MOM: "No, you're almost ten, use your teeth."

DAVE: "Mom, seriously, please give me the scissors!"
MOM: "Nope, it's a good lesson for you to learn....patience."

MOM: "See, told you."
DAVE: "Yeah, it's been like 40 minutes"
MOM: "Um, more like 30 seconds, dude"

DAVE: "Oh, man, she wrapped it."
MOM: "ha-ha, love that Mimi!"
MOM: "Hey, read the card first, you maniac!"

(Here he is doing the shake test, to check for any money, Sweetie taught the boys this trick, it's very 'well-mannered' of them, don't you think?)

He's reading.....

DAVE: "Geeze, I already did my reading lesson for the day!"
MOM: "hee-hee"

DAVE: "Oh, but they're very sweet."
MOM: "Did my boy just say 'sweet'?"
DAVE: "M-O-M!"

DAVE: "Okay, now for the good stuff!"

DAVE: "oh man! S-W-E-E-T, I love these things!"
MOM: "okay, that's the kind of sweet I'm used to."


Friday, January 25, 2008


This is my desk. This is not good. I'm a neat and orderly kind of person. I like everything in it's place. I like to stay on top of my to-do list. So this is not good. So forgive me for taking a break from blogging for a couple of days. I need to get some things done. Three days worth of mail to go through, payroll to send out, bills to put in the mailbox, phone calls to return, a birthday party to plan, a hair appointment to make, a plant to water, things to write on the calendar, a newspaper to read, letters to send, curriculum to order and the list goes one. This 'no caffiene' rule has really slowed me down. I'd rather sit on my bum and read blogs than do anything else, before I know it, I'm slumped in my chair with bad posture and my back is aching. So I'll see you in a couple days. :o)

**just in case anyone noticed, yes, you were not able to comment for a few days and yes, I've taken my sweetie off all the comments. First off, he was using his full name as his sign in thingy and that's just NOT GOOD. And then, he commented one night and it totally hurt my feelings. He was trying to be funny, but h-e-l-l-o, does he not know that he's married to a GIRL with hormones, and tear ducts, and a sensitive little brain???? So even though most of his posts were totally sweet and I loved it, he's now banned from blogland. (not really)

Monday, January 21, 2008


Can I brag a little? I mean, it's my blog and he's my kids, so yeah, I'm thinking I can brag. It's not a sin is it? Like glutney? And just how bad of a sin is glutney, anyway? Anyone know the answer to this? 'Cause I've got this friend that has this affection for cookies and she was just wondering. Anyway, I digress....back to the bragging.

You see, for those that may not know it, I'm a homeschooling mom. And I'm really not that good at it. We've always known that we wanted to homeschool, but they started getting to the school age and I realized I didn't really WANT to do it...so I looked for some other home they could be homeschooled in. But God is good, he re-assured me, and we've been trying, or least looking like we're trying, most of the time, for the past 7 years (dang, that sounds pretty good doesn't it?). Well, I just have to say that I am like most mothers....or at least that's what I tell myself. I have lots of self doubt. I mean BIG DOUBT about my skills as a homeschooling mom. Questions like..."Will this math curriculum help equip them to have a good paying job when they are 40 and trying to pay a mortgage and support their 2.5 kids and a wife that has a shopping habit?" "Will this English lesson help them write well in a love note to their sweetie to ensure she will marry them or in a resume to get that well paying job?" "Will they EVER learn how to carry on a conversation that makes sense?" "Will they EVER learn what tax is, how to calculate it, and to remember to figure that in when buying that huge lego set?" I could go on and on. But today I had a little victory and I just have to share.

We're in the car (coming home from the new math tutoring place, see what I mean?!) and Calvin starts telling me all about this new book that he's reading. It's....Captains Courageous. I didn't assign it. I never assign books. They've always just loved to read. I do make sure they have all sorts of good stuff to read...the classics and good literature...but also good age appropriate stuff too like....The Treehouse Books, Captain Underpants...you know, the good stuff. Well, he was doing one of his lessons the other day and learned about the author of this book, realized that the book was in his bookshelf and went running up the stairs to get it. He's been reading it ever since. And he can tell me all about it. THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF THAT I ALWAYS HEAR THE HOMESCHOOLING MOMS TALK ABOUT AT ALL THE CLASSES, CONVENTIONS,BOOKS,ETC., ...AND ...HERE ...MY ...BOY ...IS ...DOING ....IT! I'd like to say that it's my influence, but really, I think he gets it from....well, not even quite sure where he gets it. Maybe his grandma on his Dad's side; she's a lover of all things knowledge or so she will tell you while playing Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit. (reminder to self: stick to UNO with Mother-in-Law)

Well, thanks for indulging me. Sometimes a mom just needs to gush! :o) Oh, and can I please put a disclaimer on all my blog posts?....PLEASE do not judge me on any misspelled words or poor grammer. I tend to believe that the cyber world, be it email or blogging, is void of all english rules. So, just get over it.

Lil' Smokies

(this is my sister and our mom, aren't they cute?)

I miss my sister today. I don't know if I'm feeling over sensitive or if it's because I went to Walmart this morning. You see my sister is the Queen of frugality, she gets it from our dad, who got it from his parents, I'm just thankful that she doesn't re-use the ziploc baggies like grandma did. Oh, don't get me wrong, she loves to buy pretty little things like I do, but she also, OFTEN times says NO to things that she doesn't have a need for, a desire to carry around for the rest of the day, a place to put it, she's not jumping up and down with the excitement of having it. Unlike me, who'll buy anything just because I sort of like it. No matter that I have no room for it, my sweetie really doesn't want me to buy it, I have 14 1/2 of them at home, just like it. You see she doesn't have a full attic of things she's just not using, or scary closets that are full of items galore. Her house is clutter free, she calls it 'simple lines' I call it 'sparse'! Of course she calls my house 'country froo-froo', I call it 'french country farmhouse cottage', thank you very much! :o)

Anyway, back to Walmart, it always instills in me a sense that I'm being frugal. No matter that I can't seem to leave the place without finding all sorts of things that we're out of and NEED! I can't walk out without spending at least $100,why is that? And now that we live in the South, you know what I'm going to say aren't you? Yes, going to the Walmart is like an event. You can spend hours in there, just getting lost. The Super Walmart Center stores are an experience all in themselves. I don't go very often, because it's normally crowded and it's 5 mins more on the road further than my Super Target, and HELLO???? Target is just my little paradise.

Anywho, I'm at Walmart this morning and I missed my sister. She would whole heartedly agree with my purchase of extra toothbrushes at 'buy two get one free' price. The two packs of yogurts for 5 dollars. The fact that I could buy my milk, bread, eggs, potting soil, car battery, hunting knife, new bathroom towels, a $5.00 video, and shipping materials all in one place. No, I'm not saying that I bought all that, but I could if I had wanted to. BUT, I DID happened along these little makings, and since I was thinkin' of my sister, I just had to surprise the family with a yummy kid friendly lunch of little smokie's wrapped in blankets.

(i realize now, after looking at this picture, it looks a little disgusting...i assure you, it's all edible.)

You see, the boys were astonished one day at Auntie's house to find that this was something that was possible. And I was chastised that I had never made them before. She takes great pity on my boys, making sure they know what tater tots are and these tasty little treats. So, at lunch today, they were expecting the normal whole wheat bread with turkey, low fat swiss and LOTS of green stuff, when instead they got these little cuties. Oh, the happy dances and squeals of glee were many. But the best part was probably my sweetie's excitement when I put his plate in front of him. Had no idea he liked these things. But after tasting one, I realized that of course, anything that is this bad tasting would make a boy beg for more. Just wait till they have the nut and barley meat loaf for dinner. Yummy! Maybe I'll slip some spinach in there too. After that scrumptous lunch they are probably hoping for boxed Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for dinner. Ugh, I'm burping, little smokies. Not good.
Anyway, sister, hope you're having a great day. I tried, and you should be proud of me. My family thanks you.
On a different note. I got to go to the gym this morning then went to the store, all the while my sweetie was home in the office overseeing the boys schooling. This gives me great pleasure and excitement to be able to go out like all the other free sprited moms and do my grocery shopping ALONE! But when I got home, I remembered why I don't do this on a regular basis. Sweetie was in his office with the door closed and the boys were doing this! Yeah, lots of learning going on here today! UGH!!!!! That sweetie is fired!

(it's a puzzle, i realize it's hard to tell what they're doing!)

Yes, the puzzle is finished now, and it was only half way done to begin with. It was our snowy day acitivity over the weekend. It's 500 pieces. I only did maybe one little corner of it. I get way too hyped up with these things, as my mom can attest too. They love doing puzzles, and they are quite good at it. It doesn't help that both their grandma's love them too.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is the picture of the 4 inches of snow that we got last night. Yeah, I think the weather people need to be fired! We were SO disappointed here. We had visions of Dad pulling all three of us down the street with his four wheeler while we sat on trashcan lids! We are very classy here. :o) But, all we got was this, and some very sad children.

I know, we freak out a little when the weather report tells us we're going to have snow. Oh my goodness, 4 inches, we'll be snowed in all weekend long. I went on Friday night and stalked up on groceries and puzzles. Got up Saturday morning and made a big breakfast and we all made lists of what fun things we could do while being cooped up indoors. An hour later, we were bored. I called to see what our friends were doing, they were all out doing chores and running errands. You mean, y'all go out in weather like this. Mind you it was just raining and little bit of sleeting. So, yeah, we wised up and took the boys to the book store.
The snow started yesterday afternoon around 3pm and was so absolutely beautiful. We spent the evening at some friends house, eating soup & talking. It was very relaxing. On the way home, which was just a half mile down the street, we turned the high beams on and went a little fast pretending we were going light speed in outer space, with the snow flakes falling like they were, it was great. We were thankful we didn't end up in the ditch and have to explain to anyone how we got there.

We're not going to church this morning. Not really quite sure why. Because of Jay's ear and he doesn't want to freak out any little children. Because we thought we were suppose to be snowed in this weekend. Because, well, other reasons, too, probably. But mostly because Jay didn't want too and I love a chance to play hookey, or is it, hookie, or hokey (no that would go with pokey) anyway, you get the idea.

It's a great day for reading a book, taking a nap, running to the Super Target, watching a GREAT football game, making bread and soup, and ending the night by watching a movie.

Oh and on a different front....I'm getting really good at changing that bandage. My butt tingles still at the sight of it. And I'm able to stand up for the whole time. I get a little queazy, but it passes once a lay down on the bed in the fetal position. He's healing nicely, or at least to my untrained eyes he is. And yesterday he was more back to his normal self. Our favorite thing to do is to make him laugh, it hurts really bad to move his mouth or face. hee-hee....the poor guy.

Anyway, hope y'all have a great game watching day. GO CHARGERS!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

my poor sweetie

So this is a picture of my sweetie and me. While we were in CA over Christmas we got to go away for a night. We got to visit some of our old favorite stomping grounds and had such a fun night and morning. Anyway, this post isn't about that, it's about his ear, or lack there of. You see, he had skin cancer, okay, it's not the melanoma kind, it's the basal cell kind. But either way, I freak a little every time he goes in and they have to cut a peice out of him. This is the worst though. He had a spot on the ear, you know the little bowl type shape right before you go plunging into the ear canal. Well, they finally realized that it wasn't getting any better and decided to cut away. Yesterday, he had to go under the knife FIVE times. Scrape, wait for the biopsy results, scrape again. ALL DAY LONG! The poor thing came home with one side of his head all bandaged. They got it all, didn't have to go too deep into the ear canal. They did do a skin graph, lucky for sweetie they took the skin from behind his ear. Would have made for a funnier story though, if they'd just taken a piece from his behind.....you KNOW what his nick name would have been then, don't you???? He's so lucky to have me! :o) Anyway, he's in a great deal of pain, and thinks I'm a whimp because I'm having a hard time changing his dressing without needing to run from the room. (yes, I'm sure my mama is having some flash backs) Either way, we're thankful that they caught it in time, we're thankful that the surgery didn't go any deeper, and we're thankful for Tylenol with Codeine. Please pray for a speedy recovery, he doesn't like being the patient...and worse, doesn't like me for a nurse! Marcie do you think you can come all the way out here and do a bandage change????

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life is GOOD!

I slept last night. I know you all were up and praying hard for me, so thanks! I slept and the world is all rosey today! Even went back to the gym this morning, I know, I'm on a roll. After yesterday's work OVER at the gym I've got some serious buns of steel going on here. Never mind that my husband started tickling me, (his favorite past-time) and called me his tickle cushion. CUSHION? Are you kidding me? We're not talking to him anymore. He'll be breaking his fingers off on my abs of STEEL soon enough! Whatever!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

goodbye friend

So, I have't been sleeping lately. I mean, I go to bed with sweetie, but then lay there, listening to him...making noises(he doesn't like it when I accuse him of snoring)....while I'm really tired, but just can't fall asleep. It's been 1am, 2am, sometimes not till 2:30am till I get to sleep. The one night I did sleep well, I took 2 tylenol PM's....10 hours later, ahhhhh, relief. But now, I'm just ticked and need to get to the bottom of this thing. So I think I may be having too much caffeine. You see, I've always been one that is sensitive to caffeine and artificial sweeteners. I'm so high maintenance. Well, today will mark my first day with no caffeine. Things are not looking good in my household right now. I think the boys did schooling today, though none of it has been graded. The laundry seems to be taking twice as long, and no one will come fold it for me, and please forget the sickening previous post about that joyful lady that loves doing laundry, I don't know where she went. The sunlight that I normally bask in, is just annoying me. I've already taken one nap today, and feel like I could take another one. Geeze! Well, Dena, you say, maybe you should just cut back to one cup of coffee and a little diet coke, just don't drink as much everyday, and ween back that way. Well, HELLO!? I was only drinking 3/4 cup coffee and 1/2 diet coke.....are you kidding me?????? Does anyone else have this problem?? I tried having the decaf coffee this morning, and for some reason....it just did NOT bring me the joy. UGH! But I'm determined to sleep! Here's to staying awake for the day and not the night. Wish me luck.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Thing One and Thing Two

These are my boys. They wanted to have their own post. So here it is. My oldest is about to turn 12. He's big and handsome and has a soft heart. He loves Indiana Jones, we're trying to teach him not to obsess. We're not doing a very good job. :o)

Indy in the Kitchen

Indy outside, with his sidekick

But this is him on a normal day, isn't he handsome? We were trying to raise just one eyebrow. They think it's such a great thing that I can do, but they cannot. Well he tries though, and it makes me laugh every time!

(I apologize that these pictures are so dark, we're not too great in the photography department.)
But, seriously isn't he handsome? I mean, the girls are going to have it rough, he'll have to pick just one and so many will want him.

Though I have to say that he's been extremely loval to this one girl since he was like 5. He still gets all red in the face when her name is brought up. She, of course, doesn't feel the same way, because, ewww-gross, he's a boy.....but we just know she'll change her mind in a few years. I mean how can you resist this guy, he's a major movie action hero!

Then, there's the Dave.....we're thinking he's not going to have any problems with the girls. Especially with this talent.

But he's pretty cute and we think we'll keep him. He doesn't have a girl yet, because, ewwww-you're not suppose to admit such things when you're almost 10. He's a squirrel of a kid in every way and makes us laugh.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

seven things you probably didn't know about me

I've been tagged. (I've always wanted to say that!) There is a blog that I read ALL THE TIME (like, that's news) and she tagged anyone who read her post. SO doesn't that mean me? Here goes....

1. after being together for 20 1/2 years, I'm still, desperately in love with my husband. I mean, I get all weepy when I think about the blessing that he is in my life. I still get that giddy feeling when he comes home and gives me a big hug and kiss. In fact, when we were in Target one day, he and the boys went off on their own direction and I got my stuff. Then while in line I saw this man walk by. I thought to myself....'Dang, he's good looking, geeze!'.....Only then to realize I was talking about my own sweetie. See, he really does it for me. :o)

2. i really do love doing laundry. I love seeing the piles all high and disorderly on the floor of the laundry room. I love sorting them and making sure all the jeans and socks are turned right side out (otherwise, how will they get clean, right?). I love turning on the water, putting the right soap and softener in, get the right temperature and water level dialed in. I love transfering when the load is ready. But more than that, I love burying my face in clean fresh smelling laundry! I have to make sure I have the right mixture of soap smell, softener smell, and dryer sheet smell. Oh, yummy. I love seeing a dryer vent all caked with fluff, just waiting for me to pile it up. You, see I keep piling it on top of the dryer until the whole day is done and see what size the pile is. I grade my existance and my worth on the size of that there lint pile. I love folding, and getting everyone's piles just so. Oh, and then cramming my nose into the piles and smelling. Oh, yummy. I realize I need to teach the boys to do laundry. And I have, and they do, when I'm backed up and doing other things. But, darn it, it's my paradise, leave me be! So, you see, Mama, it brought me joy to do your laundry when I was at your house, I wasn't just trying to be helpful, it was purely selfish of me. And Sara, I'm sorry, I didn't spend a day at your house, so that I could do your laundry, I know you probably had it stored up for me.

3. I can't go to sleep with an empty stomach, so that rule that you shouldn't eat anything after 7pm, doesn't apply to me. Seriously, I've decided that the fat won't stick to my butt because it's a sleep issue.

4. I would rather have See's chocolate candy than anything else in the world. I can say 'no, thank you' to Godiva and all they other ritzy stuff. But show me some See's and I'll do anything. In fact I special ordered myself a box, had it shipped to me, and ate the whole thing when sweetie was on a business trip last year. They don't have See's here, and it's the one thing about living here that I hate!

5. My closet is an ambarassement. I have a sickness, really. Probably 20 purses, over 50 pairs of shoes, and enough clothes to start my own store. oooooooh, but what a fun store that would be huh?

6. My biggest fear in life is throwing up, puking, spewing, up-chucking....whatever you want to call it, and sorry if you're eating while reading this. I haven't done it since I was, like 2 or 3 years old. And it's my biggest fear. I don't want to be around anyone that has been sick, is thinking about being sick, is pretending to be sick, is talking about a time they were sick. I'm a freak of nature, I'm aware, I got through two pregnancies without doing it and who knows how many stomach aches all the while keeping it all down! It's a talent! But my friends here think it's hilarious. They've all had lovely discussions about Mrs. *Smith* and her phobia. My good friend was pregnant and could do it (and did) at the drop of the hat, she wouldn't drive places with me, so afraid if she needed to..you know... I'd leave her by the roadside. Been thinking about undergoing hypnosis for it, until then, keep your distance.

7. I really do miss my boys being younger, it really did go by way too fast. I was way too much of a stress-case to enjoy all of it. I think that's why I want more now that I'm old, I think I'd enjoy it more and be less stressed. Maybe I'm just kidding myself. But seriously, I like to pretend the things are still 2 and 4. They really appreciate this in me, you know, just like boys of 10 and 12 would, enjoy their mother babying them. But seriously, I love them, and miss the little cute-ness stages. Now they just do gross boy things, they smell, they talk about naughty things in front of the grandparents, they would rather do things with Dad than with me. But at night, when the lights are turned out, and none of their friends are looking....they let me hug and kiss on them, till I'm all filled up. :o) Thanks guys.

That was fun, yes? Consider yourself tagged, what are seven things that you don't think I'd know about you.....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

our dog

This is Winston. He's three, almost four. He weighs a whole 18 pounds. He's a Shiba-Inu Terrier Mix. He thinks he's a Boxer. Isn't he precious? We've always had Golden Retrievers, they are great family dogs, so loveable and protective and fun. But I wanted a little lap doggie, this is what we got. NOT a Golden Retriever! NOT a lap doggie! He was precious at the pet shop and I made the mistake of bringing the boys with me to pick out my new baby. I was thinking fluffy white Maltese girl doggie with a pink rhinestone carrying bag. Can you just imagine her??? Oh, how I long for the sweet little thing.

Well, I did fall in love with the Winston. He was pretty cute. I took him to obedience training...I like to say that HE flunked....but really it was ME that flunked! (or at least that's what my sweetie says) Anyway, he also became very challenged in the house breaking area as well. In fact he was what the vet called a "submissive pee-er". A normal day in the life of Winston was...

US: Hi, Winston!
WINSTON: drops down and starts peeing

US: (in a softer, kinder voice) Hi, Winston
WINSTON: drops down and starts peeing

VISITOR: Well, hello there buddy
WINSTON: (paws up on the visitor's knees) starts peeing (made it into the shoes normally)

We were very proud of our baby. What a talent he had. But he had to be banned to the front yard, except at night he could come into his crate and enjoy the family from inside his cage. Often times, Dave, would join him.

(here, I tried to insert a picture that we have of Dave inside the dog crate with Winston, we couldn't find it, so just imagine, will you?)

But after we made our trip across the country to move, he became a well trained house broken doggie. He now enjoys his warm crate upstairs in the boys room, a romp around the house all day long and a nice big yard to romp around whenever he chooses. He's very good at letting me know when he wants to go take care of business outside.

He also is very protective. He loves to bark at the neighbor, when he's BBQing on the his own deck. You see, that's a direct violation of our HOA rules! You are not allowed to BBQ on your own deck unless you invite Winston over for a hot dog of his own.

Since we could not keep him from roaming the neighborhood and barking and chasing every big scarry dog, we got an invisible fence for the property. Now it's very fun to hear him "yelp" from the yard when the squirrels go past the fence's perimeter.

He's horrible on a leash. He basically walks Dave. Or drags Dave, however you want to see it. So we got him a harness type of collar, because I just knew that our neighbors were going to turn me in for the choking dog going down the street attached to the little boy. SO now, he looks very fierce in his harness collar. Yes, definately a 'macho-dog'. SO NOT the lap doggie I had envisioned. But he is so loved by us all.

He loves it when I make pancakes and sausage for breakfast, loves it when I'm baking and make a mess of the kitchen floor, loves to get his showers and massage time with Dave, loves to cuddle on the couch during nightly famiy TV viewing, and loves it when MOM remembers to let him out of his cage and feed him!!!!

We love you Winston!

oh, and he wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween.

Things That Make Me Happy

1. Finally got up early and made it to the gym.

2. A stop at Target for a Starbuck's coffee and a couple organizing tools.

3. Cleaning the house with the boys.

4. My sweetie gone for the morning, so we can acutally get some things done. (love you, sweetie)

5. Second day of homeschooling in 2008, and the boys have a great attitude.

6. The laundry room is being frequented today, I LOVE doing laundry, I realize it's a sickness.

7. The candles are lit.

8. ...and the horrible fish smell is finally gone from my kitchen.

9. I don't have to go anywhere today.

10. ...but the best part of today will be the time I take in my quiet chair. Do you have a quiet chair? Mine cost me $25, from a very old friend (she's actually younger than me, but we've known each other since we were kids) My husband hates my chair. My mom loves it. It's that old ugly mauvey color, but I love that it's pink....none of my boys will sit in it. It fits my body perfectly and is so absolutely comfortable. It faces the window and a beautiful view of the trees in the forest. It's restful and peaceful. It's where I read my bible, it's where I talk to loved ones on the phone, it's where I go when I need a time out, it's where I love to drink my coffee in the morning. The problem is, it's normally piled high with laundry....but since today is the day I'm actually putting the laundry away, I'm looking forward to getting to sit in my quiet chair and enjoying the scenery.



hope y'all get a little peace and quiet today.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Reasons Why I'm Prideful

See, I have a theory. I must be too prideful and thus God is trying to humble me. I realize my sense of God may be off and I'm sure to get a little talking to from my theological husband....but alas (there's that word again), this is me and how my brain works. You see, I've been making more than my fair share of 'stupid mistakes' lately. First one came with the way I marked the boys Christmas packages. You see they are 11 and 9...so I numbered them. The 11 year old had numbers like 65, 74, 101, 92 and so on. The 9 year old had numbers like 54, 63, 81, .... are you getting it? (for those of you that are challenged like my children 6 + 5 = 11, thus the number 65 for boy that is 11.) Well, much to my husbands delight I got two of the numbers off. The Davester (9 year old) got a #71 and the Calvin (the 11 year old) got a #82. Whatever! Close enough, I say!

The next mistake came this morning. Remember my #2 New Year's Resolution??? To exercise for one hour everyday...well, I got up at 6:00 this AM, got dressed for the gym, bundled up for the 19 degree weather outside and got into Jay's truck (it's parked outside, thus I don't have to open the garage doors that are right under the boys beds)....well the windshield had little frost spots all over it, but, not to worry, I could still see, so I drove on. At the end of our street I realized that the frost was starting to melt, so I did the windshield wipers.....nothing.....so....yes, you know what's coming, don't you....I sprayed the windshield sprayer, only to be totally blinded by the NOW large splat of ice all over the windshield. Did I mention it was 18 degrees outside? That's right, somehow, it was warmer in my driveway. So now I'm driving down my street with my head hanging out the window trying to find a driveway I can turn around in and go home. Once home, do I let the truck sit and warm up so the windshield can defrost, NO, at this point, I'm so discouraged and frozen and am convinced that those in charge of holding us accountible to our stupid New Year's Resolutions really didn't mean to exercise on really cold mornings. So I crawled back into bed where I proceeded to sleep in till 8:30am!

The next humbling moment came when the boys got up and we told them to go outside and do their chores.

BOYS: "But it's cold outside."
LOVING PARENTS: "No, it's not, it's really warm, you don't even need your jacket."
BOYS: "But it looks cold!"
LOVING PARENTS: "Well, it's not, you can just run out in your bare feet, now GO!"

hee-hee, we were soon met with screams and the two of them running back in at us. They were appalled at us. Dad told them it was only 19 degrees outside, that's not cold. Which I added....being the highly intelligent and highly educated one....yeah, that's only half my age. First of all, I'm 36 not 38. And second of all......what does my age have to do with the temperature???? Whatever!

So you see, there is no way that I can stay prideful when I keep making such a stupid fool of myself. But I am keeping the comedy routine up for my sweetie, he just loves a good laugh at my expense.

Thank you God for keeping me real.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


I know! We celebrated Christmas in 2008 (I realize that this post should have come before the New Year's post, please forgive!) As stated in my Christmas letter, all three guys got coal and they LOVED IT!

Me, on the other hand, got spoiled, like any princess should be. :o) My sweetie loves me SO much that he got me these, incredibly comfy, outrageously cute CROCS. (do you have a pair yet???, if not- GET SOME!) Sweetie really prefers me to wear my red stilletos around the house, but I prefer these, and no bunions! I do still wear my pearls though...

I know you're all jealous, maybe next Christmas.....oh, and please don't judge me for the nasty stain on my jeans, I'd been cleaning all day. Man, I love these shoes, can't wait to wear 'em around town, that's right folks, I live in the south, we do things classy here! :o)

Happy New Year

As much fun as I had on vacation, and as much as I miss everyone that I left there, there is nothing like being home. It was freezing yesterday, had snow flurries most of the day, but nothing stuck. Took down the tree (it was a sad sight) and drug it out to the burn pile. Took down the rest of Christmas and I did the happy dance. Why is it that I love it when Christmas is over and my life is back to normal???? My house is clean, the laundry is all done, the fridge is stocked, and the new calendars are up. I love new years. I love new beginnings. My new years resolutions??? 1.) no more shopping and 2.) exercise for one hour everyday.....so far I've bought a topiary online this morning and I slept right through my workout time....I'm on a roll. I think I'll surprise the boys with waffles for breakfast!!! I love new beginnings, and tomorrow will be one.