happily ever after: goodbye friend

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

goodbye friend

So, I have't been sleeping lately. I mean, I go to bed with sweetie, but then lay there, listening to him...making noises(he doesn't like it when I accuse him of snoring)....while I'm really tired, but just can't fall asleep. It's been 1am, 2am, sometimes not till 2:30am till I get to sleep. The one night I did sleep well, I took 2 tylenol PM's....10 hours later, ahhhhh, relief. But now, I'm just ticked and need to get to the bottom of this thing. So I think I may be having too much caffeine. You see, I've always been one that is sensitive to caffeine and artificial sweeteners. I'm so high maintenance. Well, today will mark my first day with no caffeine. Things are not looking good in my household right now. I think the boys did schooling today, though none of it has been graded. The laundry seems to be taking twice as long, and no one will come fold it for me, and please forget the sickening previous post about that joyful lady that loves doing laundry, I don't know where she went. The sunlight that I normally bask in, is just annoying me. I've already taken one nap today, and feel like I could take another one. Geeze! Well, Dena, you say, maybe you should just cut back to one cup of coffee and a little diet coke, just don't drink as much everyday, and ween back that way. Well, HELLO!? I was only drinking 3/4 cup coffee and 1/2 diet coke.....are you kidding me?????? Does anyone else have this problem?? I tried having the decaf coffee this morning, and for some reason....it just did NOT bring me the joy. UGH! But I'm determined to sleep! Here's to staying awake for the day and not the night. Wish me luck.