happily ever after: Things That Make Me Happy

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

1. Finally got up early and made it to the gym.

2. A stop at Target for a Starbuck's coffee and a couple organizing tools.

3. Cleaning the house with the boys.

4. My sweetie gone for the morning, so we can acutally get some things done. (love you, sweetie)

5. Second day of homeschooling in 2008, and the boys have a great attitude.

6. The laundry room is being frequented today, I LOVE doing laundry, I realize it's a sickness.

7. The candles are lit.

8. ...and the horrible fish smell is finally gone from my kitchen.

9. I don't have to go anywhere today.

10. ...but the best part of today will be the time I take in my quiet chair. Do you have a quiet chair? Mine cost me $25, from a very old friend (she's actually younger than me, but we've known each other since we were kids) My husband hates my chair. My mom loves it. It's that old ugly mauvey color, but I love that it's pink....none of my boys will sit in it. It fits my body perfectly and is so absolutely comfortable. It faces the window and a beautiful view of the trees in the forest. It's restful and peaceful. It's where I read my bible, it's where I talk to loved ones on the phone, it's where I go when I need a time out, it's where I love to drink my coffee in the morning. The problem is, it's normally piled high with laundry....but since today is the day I'm actually putting the laundry away, I'm looking forward to getting to sit in my quiet chair and enjoying the scenery.



hope y'all get a little peace and quiet today.