happily ever after: April 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sorry It's Been So Long

It's just me and the Davester around here right now. Cuz Sweetie and the Calv are in Israel for 12 days. The goobers.

See Sweetie? We miss him.

See Calvin? We miss him too. See his mustache?

Can you see it now? He calls himself the Spaniard. He's funny. He also said that my Potato Salad that I made for Easter had too many potatoes in it. He's hilarious. I miss the Spaniard.

Here are some pictures from the past month or so...

I snapped this picture, this is what Dave does when Sweetie gets home from work. Precious. I do this to, but it doesn't work the same, I don't understand why.

Remember this photo?

Yep, not much has changed.

The guys went on the Men's Retreat with our church. This is Dave about 4 hours before they needed to leave. He was VERY ready, and yes, they played golf, and yes, Dave smoked 'em.

This is a normal scene in the sun room every morning. I thought they were so cute with their dueling laptops.

I got to go to California to see my family, stayed for a week. Had so much precious fun. The first day, was tea at Grandma's house. It was a little yucky, but we got through it, as long as Marcie didn't look directly at the Deviled Eggs, and I pretended that the Tuna Salad was really Chicken Salad.

Staying at my parents house is so much fun when I go to California. Memories EVERYWHERE! I found this in their driveway... Do you see the little hand prints? First of all, that's my foot. (I know, cute shoes, that's not the point.) The big hand print is my niece Mallory, she was like 5, she's about to turn 17. The middle hand print is my Calvi, he was 2. TWO PEOPLE! But see the wee-one, that precious little-itty-bitty hand...that would be the Dave's hand...he was like 1 month old. ONE. MONTH. OLD. {{sigh}}

This is the stepping stone in the back yard garden. Again, that's MY foot. (Enough about the shoes, people, yes, they are VERY comfortable too!) But the big foot is my niece's foot. The middle foot is the Calvi's little two year old foot, such a cute foot. And the wee-one, yep, that would be the Davester foot. I could stick the hole thing in my mouth, and often did. I don't do that anymore, they aren't as tasty as they used to be. {{sigh}}

We went to Mexico one day. Got to see the places my Daddy has worked. The orphanage, the deaf school. My Daddy, he's such a servant. It was a very special day. This is Marcie's girl, she cried when we left.

Daddy also took us shooting one day. Yep, this is Marcie all loaded and ready to go. Be afraid, be very afraid.

This is my Mama. She's an excellent marksman, you SO would NOT want to break into her house. We call her Annie Oakley. Don't let the classy exterior fool you, she'd totally take you out.

Lancie helping my niece Mallory be brave while she shot. She shoots like her Auntie. She shoots the dirt in the mountain, makes me so proud.

And this is my Daddy, the man behind all the fun!

And this is Me and My Sister. Not the best picture, but I don't care. I love my sister. She's a hoot. She even re-made her guest room for me to come and stay with her. And got me my own little box of See's Candy and handpicked all my favorites. Perfection.

There were so many other fun things about the trip...a day out with Sara, the mostest-funnest time at Jay's sister's house seeing all the family, Daddy making me his french toast, eating Rubio's fish tacos & churro, laying on my mama's bed and talking with her, mexican food (REAL mexican food) with my Auntie Joyce & Uncle Don, visiting our renters and doing a walk through of our house, they are so sweet, playing spoons with the family and getting a 'little' loud....and so much much more.

Oh, and I can't leave this photo out....Dave (and Jay) entered in the Awana Grand Prix at church. They built this car themselves. See those lego heads...that would be them. Sweetie had gotten a little frustrated the night before (since he remembered at 9pm that the race was the following morning and they were NO WHERE near being done with the car)...when it came time for Dave to pick out the lego heads, he kept trying to find the one with the grumpy face 'to be Dad'...nice. They won the reward 2nd place for design, I think it was Jay's face that sealed the deal.

That's pretty much it...until I get some goofy photos of my two big men covered in Dead Sea Mud and a photo of the remains of the fish that Sweetie ate by the Sea of Galilee.

Me and my Dave, just a couple more days. We're keeping ourselves comforted with lots of fun and a few Sonic drinks!