happily ever after: 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What We've Been Doing

I used to have this listed in the sidebar. But I wanted to have it saved, as a journal of our doings for future remembrance and nostalgia. Your welcome.

My mama and daddy were here for 12 days. It was too much fun. We went to Asheville, NC to visit the Biltmore. We went to Tennessee to visit friends, very fun and relaxing. Spent a day on the lake on a boat, very cool. And laughed A LOT.

We've started back to school. Co-op craziness & busy-ness. Science class in my dining room. Doing math & spanish on the computers. Good times. The boys are having fun, except for when I have them actually do school work, they don't have so much fun with that.

The boys football games have started, so our Saturdays are spent at the park, relaxing (for us, not them) & playing (them, not us) and seeing friends.

Me, being the lover of all things scheduling is trying her hardest to fit everything in, find a doable schedule, not neglect relationships and figure out if loosing weight is really worth a precious time-slot. Blech!

Sunday Blessings

My heart is full.

I awoke this morning to these goobers playing catch in the backyard.

The sun was peeking through, and the coffee was brewing.

We get to go to church this morning, what a privilege.

Happy Sunday everyone. Love you.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thankful on a Saturday Morning

I didn't do my thankful post on Thursday this week. It's sad, but I just wasn't feeling very thankful, I'm not quite sure why, but I've been working on praying more and wouldn't you know it, God has overwhelmed me with a thankful spirit again. He's so good that way.

1. I just said it in my sidebar, but I am VERY thankful that summer is coming to a close. I love the schedule of the school year. And I LOVE the cooler temperatures. I cannot wait to be able to enjoy the outdoors a whole lot more. This heat and humidity tends to make me feel sick. So even though it's not officially here yet, I am thankful for cooler temperatures and the season of Autumn.

2. My boy Calvin. I tease and complain and whine, but he's such a joy. He's a typical teenage boy with his quirks and all, but overall, he's SUCH a great kid. His heart is seeking Christ, and even just typing that makes me want to cry. He's super sweet to me and others as well. We are constantly getting comments from others about how much they like him, and I say that only because to me, that is such a direct testimony to what God can do in our lives. Calvin is all God's. I have had to pray and pray over the years that God would make up for all my short comings as a Mom to him. I have and do fail constantly, but God is prevailing and I am SO thankful.

3. The Word of God. My Bible. Every morning I yearn for time in it. Sitting with the Book open on my lap. Praying and just soaking It in.

4. Mrs. Elisabeth Elliot. Her writings are just precious and I'm so thankful for them. I just started to read (for the second time) "Keep a Quiet Heart"....

"This was my heart's desire then. It is the same today. A willing acceptance of all that God assigns and a glad surrender of all that I am and have constitute the key to receiving the gift of a quiet heart. Whenever I have balked, the quietness goes. Iit is restored, and life immeasurably simplified, when Ii have trusted and obeyed.

God loves us with an everlasting love. He is unutterably merciful and kind, and sees to it that not a day passes without the opportunity for new applications of the old truth of becoming a child of God. This, to me, sums up the meaning of life."

5. Sweetie's unconditional love for me. No matter what. That's what he vowed. And that's what he shows me each and everyday. We've been together since I was 16, a lot changes in that amount of time, I mean, what am I now, 23? :o) No, really, I'm 38. That's a whole lotta time. Things change, people change, their looks...change, 'things' morph and move and well....aren't lookin' as good anymore. But the man is a saint and loves me. My sin has become harder and harder to hide, and yet, he still extends me that grace everyday. He shows me that forgiveness of God in everyway. And I am so very thankful.

6. My Baby Dave. He's got pimples. He likes a girl. He's learned how to talk back. He wants Justin Beiber hair (ugh). He runs circles (literally) around me everyday ALLDAY. He's a little clumsy and spills things easily. His room is most always a toxic area. And blah, blah, blah. But he's my baby. He will still curl up in my lap. Still wants lots of kisses and hugs from me. Still loves that bedtime ritual of 'just one more hug & kiss'. Is a whizz at memorizing scripture. Loves his Dad mostest and looks just like him, and I love that! He's a comedic genious with great timing. And he's got some sweet dance moves. And when we have to correct him, his heart is full of repentance and his prayers are precious.

7. Our Church. I LOVE going to church. I don't like being out of town and missing. I LOVE going to the Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School) with funny and precious Mr. Tim teachin' us; LOVE my time with our Small Group, all our peeps in there, precious friends; LOVE the worship we sing together with the great Mr. Josh leading us; and LOVE Pastor Dwayne and his preaching of the Word. Thank you Open Door, my Home, I just love you!

8. We interrupt this post to give you this video.... my Dave just called me away from my computer to share a sweet video he just found on the web....just for me, little 'ol me....love that boy. I dedicate this to all my friends, hard workin' Moms that you are!


9. The second cup of coffee that Sweetie just brought me. Still sitting here in the sunroom, nothing 'having' to be done this morning, reading, blogging, laughing with the family, Calvin getting to finally sleep in this morning. A perfect morning, and I'm very thankful.

10. My parents. They are coming to visit us in like a week and a half and staying for 12 days. And it's hilarious (and sad) to me that when people find out, they ask me, is that a 'good thing'? YES! It's a VERY good thing. I am very excited and can't wait and love them and miss them and have so much fun with them, we are counting the days till they get here. They are precious, and tomorrow marks them being married for 46 years! Congrats, Mama & Daddy, thanks for loving each other so much and for being such an awesome example to us, daily. We all love you so much! (Daddy, this is your yearly reminder to make sure you get her flowers or candy or a card or an apple fritter or somethin'...don't forget!)

Aren't they cute?? (this is them a few years ago, though they still look like this, all cute and stuff.)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Barbara Walters Moment

I absolutely, 100 % stole this right from Crayola Lady’s blog (but she stole it first from Lori's blog) and had Dave (currently 12) answer the following fun questions:

1. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE T. V. SHOW? Deal or No Deal (family version)

2. WHAT DID YOU HAVE FOR BREAKFAST? Bowl of Coco Puffs, 2 Waffles & 1 piece of bacon


4. FAVORITE FOOD? Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (he’s getting Dad points for that one)

5. WHAT FOOD DO YOU DISLIKE? Anything gluten – free (this comes from his mama eating gluten free for a whole month, the poor kid)



8. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO? Play football (he meant to say snuggle with his mommy)


10. FAVORITE SPORT? Baseball & football

11. WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY? On leap year day (not really)


13. PETS: Yes, a shiba inu terrier mix, named Winston, who is the best dog in the universe. (not really)

14. ANY NEW AND EXCITING NEWS YOU'D LIKE TO SHARE WITH US? I’ve got a girlfriend (yeh, but she doesn’t know it)




18. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK? To Kill a Mockingbird


20. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE? Mission Impossible 3


And then I did these questions as well…

1. What is your favorite word? Déjà vu

2. What is your least favorite word? Cuss Words

3. What do you like? God

4. What don't you like? Other gods

5. What sound or noise do you love? Ske-doosh (he meant to say the sound of his mother’s voice)

6. What sound or noise do you hate? Fingernails on a chalkboard

7. What profession would you not like to do? Work at the Dump

8. What would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? "Well done my good and faithful servant!!!"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WIWW (the last one)

This is the last time I'm doing this, cuz, well, I don't like it. But I don't have anything else to blog about tonight, and I do have a camera loaded with self-portraits, lovely. So here you go...oh and Sara, I didn't mean it, you don't get to comment, you goober. (just kidding, you know I love ya)

I don't know what day this was, and who knows WHAT we did.

feet: God
shorts: kohl's
top: ann taylor loft

Sunday, church & lunch. I didn't like this outfit at all, I felt all 'colorful' and stuff, but by the time I got it on, it was time to go and Sweetie was NOT hip with the whole 'I need to change' thing. Geesh.

sandals: kohl's, on clearance for like $5, wee-hoo
jeans: ann taylor loft
tank: eddie bauer
cardi: target

I don't remember what day this was, nor do I remember what I did while wearing it, something riveting, I'm sure.

flips: rainbows
capris: sam's club
cami: target
tunic: eddie bauer

Wednesday, hangin' at home and runnin' around just a tad...
flips: target
capris: gap, regular jeans, just folded up
top: thrifted

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hunting Season

So Dave walked out on the deck the other morning and got greeted by this lovely creature....

We will call him, Mr. Spider. I'm thinking with him being the size of a mini-bus, he deserves the Mr.

So Calvin, being the great protector and all, decided to go hunting....

And this is what was left of Mr. Spider after Calvin got done with him.

Mahahahahahaaaaa!!!! Don't mess with us, Mr. Spider!

We all feel SO much better, having Calvin around.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

School Pictures

In my efforts to clean and organize the office better today, I found some little treasures. Well, don't you know there was no more cleaning and organizing for the rest of the day, as I was laying on the floor in the fetal position wondering what happened to these precious little faces...

They were both in Little Miracles Preschool, Dave in the little 2 1/2 year old class and Calvin in the 4 year old class. Dave was REALLY sick that year, I finally pulled him out. Like what did my baby need to be at preschool for anyhow??? I have always loved this picture. I have it in an 8x10 hanging on our walls.

Calvin @ Mountain Valley Academy (a homeschool charter school) and Dave @ Little Wonders Preschool

Okay, so not quite a 'school picture' but I also love this one, and have it hanging on our wall too. This would be Peter Pan & The Buzz.

I think this is after I started homeschooling on my own and had to do my own yearly school pictures. On this particular year, I timed it just right so I could have the toothless grin of my Calvi. I will always remember this day, they were total ya-hoo's and WOULD NOT settle down. We had been at the mall most of the day and who knows WHAT I fed them!

These are actual 'School Pictures' taken through a homeschool group we were involved in at the time. Look how scared my baby is. I don't like school pictures.

Ah, this is probably the picture I got taken of them to replace the one above. There is another on of these, where Calvin held the Dave upside down and little Dave's undies are showing. But I love how the Dave has his little thumb in his pocket in this one. Adorable.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ready For Some Football

So it's football season again. Though it doesn't feel like it outside. I'm used to Calvin playing. I love it that Calvin plays. But this year, the family blind sided me. We're in Dick's Sporting Goods and I'm grabbing what Calvin needed for his season, when all of a sudden I'm told to get a cup for the Dave, get a mouth guard for the Dave, oh and get some cleats for the Dave.....WHOA, HOLD THE PHONE!!!! Yep, my Baby is playing football.

Look at him, one stiff breeze and the guy will tip over with that big helmet on. Ugh, I can't watch. This is why Dads need to take over, at some point, the upbringing of their boys. Us Moms are just too weak. We can't handle the pressure.

See my Calvi, he's big, he's allowed to play the football. He can handle the pressure, nobody's knocking him over.

But he's teaching his little brother how to look tough, Dave's got it down pretty good.

Here they are, they switched gear, Calvin nearly gave himself an aneurysm trying to put Dave's helmet on. It was funny.

But on a side note, I caught Sweetie smellin' his armpits. Classic. He's sooooo cute.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday

1. Air Conditioning. Seriously. In my house and in my car and in my grocery store. It's the only reason I'm still alive.

2. My boy Calvin posing as the water delivery man, he replaces the big giant water bottles on the cooler for me so our thirsts are quenched. He likes to flex his muscles when he does it.

3. Sweetie doesn't work from home anymore, but we've found a way to make it all better, we flirt-email all day long.

4. Fall, Autumn, October....it's coming, I can see it on the calendar, I wish it would come a little faster, but I know it's coming.

5. Ceiling fans. In every room. A very important part of staying cool.

6. School supplies. I got a little giddy in the isles at the Walmart tonight.

7. My minivan and the ability to hual the ya-hoo's around.

8. My squishy pillow with a pink pillow case on it. "It's SOOOooooo squishy!"

9. The biblestudy I'm doing right now, Breaking Free by Beth Moore, it's a goody.

10. Going on facebook and seeing a status update from my sister.

Hope you were THANKFUL today.

WIWW (posted on a Thursday)

This was exhausting this week. Thinking WAY too much about what I wore. That can either be a good thing, cuz I normally walk around in sweats or jammies. But it just felt a little 'self-absorbed'. Plus taking pictures of myself, was not too good for my confidence level. Ugh, please tell me the camera adds like thirty pounds. But it was a little fun to try to look a little cuter, to pull different outfits together, and I know Sweetie appreciated seeing me in something OTHER than my jammies.

On a side note, I'm also waiting for Sara to comment her fashion do's & don'ts on my outfits. She's always been my fashion police, so please don't leave me hangin' girl.

Thursday, ran errands, did chores & office work.
HAT: petco park (padres)
CAMI: target
TOP: ann taylor loft (clearance)
BOTTOMS: ann taylor loft
FLIPS: my pink rainbows (my favs)

Friday, stayed home most of the day working in the office, as if you couldn't tell.
JAMMIES: target (from top to bottom)
SLIPPERS: my pink ugg slipper, the other favorite shoe

later on Friday, ran a couple of errands, meeting that night.
TOP: old navy
DRESS: old navy
HEADBAND: target

Saturday, watching friends' kids while they move.
TOP: eddie bauer (clearance)
BOTTOMS: kohl's (i think)
FLIPS: again with my pink rainbows

Sunday Morning, Church with the family
TANK TOP: target (jr. department) and yes, I'm aware that it needed to be ironed, please don't tell my Mama.
CARDIGAN: ann taylor loft (bought from local consignment shop downtown)
PANTS: ann taylor loft (so old)
SHOES: dsw shoes (so comfy)
HEADBAND: target

Monday Night, Date Night with the Sweetie
TOP: kohl's (have it in every color)
SKIRT: eddie bauer (because it was on clearance and because it's a size small and because I'm a sucker for a long skirt. My sister told me no, but I said yes.)
SHOES: kohl's clearance, and oh my so comfy.

Tuesday Night, Small Group Ladies Nite at Cheryl's house
TOP: j.jill (clearance)
BOTTOMS: ann taylor loft (clearance)

Whatcha think? Too many headbands?

If you've got some extra time, go check out what other's wore at The Pleated Poppy.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Putt-Putt Night & a Mess

After a wonderful & lazy Sunday afternoon of de-compressing, we got out and played a little putt-putt.

On a different note, my parents will be here in three weeks. And THIS is what my silverware drawer looks like.

My mama keeps a VERY tidy silverware drawer. I'm thinking she's gonna get a 'special' project when she gets here.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Super Heroes

So I live with boys. God saw fit to bless us with sons 14 & 12 years ago. And I'm thankful. Everyday. I'm thankful when I vacuum up 300 airsoft b.b.'s from the corners of everyroom. I'm thankful when I step on legos in the middle of the night. I'm thankful when I find dirty socks under the seat in my car. I'm thankful when I find un-eaten sandwiches hidden under t-shirts on the floor. And thankful when i see stray toys blown to pieces in the driveway covered in black soot. Good times, all the time.

And the following is another reason/reasons I'm so thankful I have boys. A couple months ago Sweetie and I found some extra guests in our room when we went to bed.

This is Luke Skywalker & some Storm Trooper, I think. They keep their watch over us from the TV bracket.

And this is Chewy and some other Trooper guy thing. They keep watch from the bookshelf.

And this, this sweet handsome guy, he's the Buzz. And he was a special gift to me from the Dave. And he's very strong in his masculinity to stay perched here amongst the girlie perfume bottles.

Sweetie and I sleep better knowing we are being guarded and watched over.

Thanks Dave, you're such a little lover.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I took the boys to lunch the other day. The waiter came to our table and asked for our drink order....

Waiter: Mam? What can I get you to drink?
Me: Unsweet Iced Tea, please.
Waiter: (to Dave) And for you?
Dave: Dr. Pepper, please.
Waiter: (to Calvin) And for you?
Calvin: Bud Light, please.

{{cricket, cricket, cricket}}

Waiter: (leans in to Calvin) Dude, your braces kinda give you away. You get water.
Me: (laughing uncontrollably)

My Calvin, he's such a funny guy!

1. I'm thankful for laughter and the good times I have with my guys, all three of them.

2. My new (to me) books I'm reading.

3. My 'Yummy Grandma' lotion from a sweet friend, so yummy. I slather it on while I'm doing my bible study.

4. The ability to work, it makes me feel so good.

5. My 'JOY' mug with the verse that says....'the joy of the Lord is my strength'...I LOVE that verse.

6. The HUGE thunder, lightning & rain storm outside right now.

7. There is currently NO laundry piled in the hallway or on my bed.

8. The super-uber cheap, but yummy & healthy meal I made tonight for the fam. Big pot of beans & roasted corn.

9. Washing my hair after wearing a baseball cap all day, ahhhhhhhhh.

10. I taught Calvin how to do laundry this week, and he's taken upon himself to do, like, 4 loads without being asked. (Mom pride is beaming!)