happily ever after: February 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

What We've Been Up Too This Week

A full day of it beautifully snowing outside, and it being Saturday, we got to just be home and enjoy it.

Sweetie coming home from a week of business in California, love it when he comes home.

Serving in nursery with some favorite friends and getting to just snuggle and rock a sleeping baby the whole time.

Cooking dinners all week in the crockpot. Love my crockpot.

Not wearing makeup and letting my skin breathe!

Organized all our medicines & first aids into separate bins, but still haven't labeled them.

Sweetie got operated on, removing moles and has two new spots with stitches. Poor thing.

Sweetie yells from the bathroom every night because he can't find the pain meds or the bandages.

Had to go off all caffeine, to stop the constant heart flutterings.

Proceeded to take 2 or 3 hour long naps everyday, due to my lack of caffeine.

Had a fun texting session with my Seester.

Had a comforting phone conversation with my Mama.

Went out for Mexican food with some ladies from church, and heard an epic testimony of how God chases us and won't let us go.

Got a two hour delay for co-op due to icy roads.

The boys worked with Dad a couple days this week, and got some good father-son bonding time.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hello Monday

Hello crocheting on my new scarf, sitting in my chair, in front of the fire, while we're all talking and laughing together as a family.

Hello needing glasses. Love these little readers from Target. Have them all over the house now. I'm getting so old.

Hello Bible study time.

Hello frigid temperatures and extra cups of coffee in my funky chicken mug.

Love that it says this on the other side.

Hello enjoying the craziness of this boy..

He crawled in my lap and snuggled me like this for the longest time. Of course later I found out he was just trying to sweet talk me into letting his buddy come over on a school day.

He drew faces on all my eggs. Hilarious.

Hello precious sons that dress up just to make someone happy while she's working on Valentine's Day.

Hello being surprised by pretty flowers from my sweetie.

Hello sunshine on the day I had to be out running errands.

Hello cholesterol being over 300 (THREE.HUNDRED.PEOPLE.) and having to change my meal plans.

Hello grocery shopping at my favorite store, filling my cart with goodness.

Hello working, lots and lots of working. But feeling the joy in it.

Happy Monday to you all, I pray it's a good week for you.

I'm linking up with Lisa, because I just love her, and I love her jewelry, and I love her fun hair, and I love her love for her precious family, and I love her inspiring outfits, and I love her pictures, go check out her blog and fall in love.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thank You God

Thank you for blue skies this morning with a beautiful sunrise.

Thank you for consistency in parenting.

Thank you for my morning ritual of making the coffee, feeding the animals, and opening all the blinds to let the LIGHT in.

Thank you for warm showers, snuggle time in bed watching my Downton and good sleep.

Thank you for playfulness with my boys when they are grumpy.

Thank you for work provided.

Thank you for sweet sisters.

Thank you for loving parents always blessing us.

Thank you for losing another 2 pounds.

Thank you for clean smelling laundry.

Thank you for friendly neighbors who wave.

Thank you for grandma's clock on the mantle that is chiming.

Thank you for precious friends that love and laugh.

Thank you for saving me and keeping me and loving me always.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to Stop a Protest

It's been a few days since I've posted and I realized that I also hadn't posted pictures of the boys in awhile. So in order to avoid a protest from my parents, here are some pictures I got this past week.

At our home school co-op I'm in charge of Chemistry. Stop laughing. We have a 'teacher' that comes in and lectures and teaches the kids, I just do everything else. But during class, during those 'very interesting' lectures, at the end of the day, after lunch, in a warm room, during my normal nap time, you can imagine, Dena has to try VERY hard not to curl up on the floor in the corner for a little sleepy-sleep. So I take random pictures. Doesn't Calvin look all interested and studious? THIS is what he was looking at...

His brother, Dave, working the equations on the board for the class. Yes, it was 30 degrees and very windy and THIS is what my boy decided to wear to classes. He's hilarious.

We went to the Subway by our house after church on Sunday. It was a sweet, just us, family time. I thought the boys looked extremely cute that day so I asked for a nice photo. This is what they gave me....

And then I got this one...

Dave is our resident goober. And he's very proud of himself.

See Calvin, handsome, normal.

Dave, not so much. We are looking into medications for him, so don't worry.

And this is from yesterday. Calvin was all over town yesterday applying for jobs. Mr. Handsome Stud is what I was calling him, made me swoon. And this is what Dave looked like all day. Now, understand, he was just staying home all day doing his schoolwork, but still. He looked like a thug in training. It may be time for an intervention.

And because I'd like to think that my parents ALSO need to see pictures of me and my main squeeze...