happily ever after: Slumber Party

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Slumber Party

3pm: I have 6 boys running around my house.
3:30pm: Big Brothers vs. Little Brothers in Airsoft war
6pm: I have to drag the boys in from the dark for dinner.
6:10: A civilized dinner around the dining table; on the menu: Mac & Cheese, Mixed Veggies & Applesauce (I realize I get the "Lame Mom of the Year" award for making them eat veggies at their own birthday party, gotta keep them regular!)
6:15: Dinner is over, geeze, they eat fast.
6:16: Playstation play off, and what seemed like a game of tag throughout the house.
7pm: Let the movies begin, a marathon of Earnest movies, I know they thought it was going to be awful, but they were laughing and loved every minute of it!
8pm: Rootbeer Floats, oh yeah baby!
Midnight: I try to get them to join me in a dance-a-thon (no takers)
2am: Nazi Mommy comes to life and their friends see a side of me that they didn't think existed.
2:07am: Peace.....ahhhhh

8am: Trying to get their lazy butts out of the house for a donut run.
9am: Starbucks for the grumpy Mom
9:05am: Doughnuts and milk for everyone!
9:20am: Chicken Minis from Chik-fil-A!
9:30am: Home again for another round of Little Brothers vs. Big Brothers airsoft war.
11:01am: GAME OVER!!!! And the birthday mayhem is too!

the aftermath....

The house looks like a tornado hit it. My vacuum broke. I had regular coffee this morning and I'm zinging! We've got Journey's Greatest Hits blaring on the stereo and we're cleaning like crazy. Good music is key to gettin' the house clean, ask anyone, it's a known fact.