happily ever after: April 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thankful on this Blustery Saturday Morning

The word blustery makes me think of Winnie-the-Pooh. Calvin used to LOVE Winnie-the-Pooh. Oh how I wish I could get those days back. There are so many things I would do differently. Like slow down, not take things so seriously, but maybe take other things more seriously. It's true what they say, they grow up SO FAST. I loved them as babies and I also love them at this age. It is so much fun to see the young men they are changing into. But this time is very full of worry for me. I fall asleep every night just praying for wisdom in how to parent them. And trying to give my worries to God about just how much I am screwing them up. These teenage years are definitely NOT for wimps. But I am thankful for them. Thankful for my boys. So very thankful. Thankful for the presence of God in their lives. And seeing evidence of that.

So back to my title....I'm very thankful for this 'blustery' Saturday morning. It's very windy outside, a storm is coming in today. Looking forward to having a family day of working together in the attic. Gotta tackle that beast together, it's a danger zone.

1. Spring - it's like a celebration of God's beauty.

2. Baby Lucy - some sweet friends just got their little baby girl last week and I got to hold her for like two blissful hours. I love her story and all the lives that her LIFE is impacting.

3. My Sweetie - he is such perfection to me.

4. My baby Dave and his softness, inside & out.

5. My Calvi and his big heart.

6. Kitty - he finally snuggled with me this morning.

7. The opportunity to purge and get down to more basics.

8. We are moving soon, to a home that will be ours to stay for a long time and enjoy being settled.

9. My small group & church family - they are like Christ in my life, everyday.

10. My God - the one God - who forgives me, who sustains me, who loves me like no other.

I hope you are finding lots to be thankful for today. There are blessings and joys all around us, you just have to choose to see them.

...it's good to be back...