happily ever after: November 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Blessed Sunday

We're all tucked in this morning.

It's really cold outside, so sweetie and I are bundled in the sun room.

One of my favorite times of day.

I'm doing some crocheting. This one might be for my sister, but shhhhhhh, don't tell her, I want it to be a surprise.

My Dad sent me this picture this morning, labeled "things to pack". He's hilarious. But look at those faces, such cuteness.

Last week he sent me this photo. We were doing a work day at the church, on the new Sunday School building. I don't remember the boys being that helpful, but they were cute, so it's doesn't matter.

I got this picture sent to me too. That would be my classy Mama shooting there. I get to see these two tomorrow. So excited.

Daddy doesn't like it when I post pictures of them on my blog, so he sent me this 'approved' picture. It's a nice likeness of them, I think.

(Cal-Poo's leg, right after the Doc got done casting it.)

The boy had a pretty good day yesterday. Sleeping till late, phone call from Mimi & Papa, Mama setting him up in the bonus room with all his stuff around him and a box of donuts by his side. He finally took a shower, wow, that was fun. Then last night some friends came over to see him and he just loved it. Everyone signed his cast and Grant got to spend the night. The boy is being spoiled, and wouldn't vacuum yesterday for me, goober. And I found out that it's a lot of fun to tickle his toes that are sticking out from top of his cast. Love that guy.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good Saturday Morning To Ya

Scenes from our week & weekend.

Fall has definitely come. And the sun this morning is beautiful.

I got a new Bible. Every few years I go through a pretty significant change and feel the need for a new Bible, plus I write so much in my Bible that it gets to a point where I need to start fresh.

I'm reading about 'peace' right now.

A precious friend re-taught me how to crochet this week, I've made two of these dish clothes so far, I'm quite proud of myself. And it was a perfect afternoon sitting in her kitchen sharing & sipping coffee.

I broke out my Birkenstocks and favorite polky-dot socks. So cozy.

Frick & Frack headed out to work one morning.

Oh yeah, and Calvin broke his leg or ankle this week. Poor thing. The boy makes it through the football season taking down 300 lb guys and breaks his ankle because he was wrestling Greyson. Poor thing.

These two twerps. A sleep over with your best friend and playing Black Ops first thing in the morning.

A real friend will help you pull weeds so you can go play airsoft sooner.

Pouring Sweetie & me and second cup of coffee on this lazy Saturday morning.

Then Sweetie & me went to Dunkin' to get the guys donuts. And yes, I totally wore my jammies. Dunkin' is a popular joint on Saturday mornings.

We were suppose to fly out to San Diego on Friday morning, but late Thursday night we realized that SOMEONE made the reservation for San Antonio NOT San Diego. I'm not saying who it was, but I'm no longer allowed to book our flights. So we got a free weekend, with nothing going on, ah, the bliss.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday, A Birthday Post

Today is Sweetie's Birthday. He has to work. Boo. So we celebrated mostly yesterday.

A long morning walk on the trail, lunch at Subway, bowling, mini golf, dinner at Outback, candy & coffee at home while greeting Trick or Treaters and watching a scary movie.

And because it's my favorite person's birthday, I dedicate this week's Thankful Thursday list to him.

1. I'm thankful for the way he leads us as a family and me as a wife.

2. Thankful for his gift of wisdom.

3. Thankful for his humor. Which, as he tells me, is what makes him sexy.

4. Thankful for his hard working ethic.

5. Thankful he helped give me these guys.

6. Thankful for the way he parents.

7. Thankful for his sweetness and big heartedness.

8. Thankful he loves to get goofy with me.

9. Thankful for our love story and how God is intertwined in all of it.

10. Thankful for this.

Happy Birthday, my love.