happily ever after: June 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dunder-Head Dena

Again, I'm just here to make you feel better about yourself.

Not long ago, I joined facebook. I had no clue what I was doing or what it was all about. (that's my excuse)

Shortly there after I received a special message that someone had a crush on me. Well OF COURSE I clicked on it, dying to find out who my secret admirer was (had NO idea WHAT I was going to do with the information). Somehow, I ended up giving them my cell phone number (yes, I'm aware I need to take some 'safety on the internet' course)

Well, as you can guess, I really don't have a secret admirer, no one has a crush on me (surprise, surprise). But I'm now getting texts everyday that tell me nice little flirting tips and 'how to keep my boyfriend' tips. (very helpful, to this happily married mother of two)

So today Sweetie had to call Verizon to get some stuff taken care of on his phone. The nice helpful lady went over the whole account with him and noticed that there were some extra charges on my number. So he got me on the phone so she could walk me through taking it off. Turns out that $9.99 fee on my bill last month was not David having too much fun on my cell phone, it was those lovely flirting texts. So then I felt like a total gooober when I had to explain to this lady AND TO MY HUSBAND what it was and how it got there. Geesh!

So we got it all taken off, I will no longer get those helpful tips, and then Sweetie had her put a block on my phone so I can't 'accidentally' do it again. What am I 13? Apparently so.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Master Suite

Welcome to our Master Suite, this is where all the magic happens, and of course all the napping.

Sweetie got us this furniture for our 16th wedding anniversary. This is my dresser and quiet time corner, my sweet $25 chair that is so cozy for sitting and being quiet with the Lord.

On top of my dresser sits this favorite photo of the boys. Our first trip to Disneyland with them. They were 5 and 3 and they did so great, and it was so much fun to see the 'Happiest Place On Earth' through their eyes. A precious day with just the four of us. My perfume bottles sitting atop a cake plate, and a sweet little box from Sara to hold treasures.

This is the bookcase that holds all of my books. We found this years ago at an estate sale. Those are the doors going into the bathroom.

Our wedding photo, yes, my dress was very big. It was the early 90's people, it was very gorgeous at the time. Can you see the rather large bow on my backside? It was lovely.

Sweetie's side of the room with his dresser, see it's tall, I can't even see into those top drawers, who knows what secrets lurk in there.

My favorite picture of Jay, lookin' so handsome on our wedding day.

This is Sweetie's favorite photo of us, we were on a cruise for his 40th birthday.

My side of the room.

This photo was a gift I gave to Sweetie when we were just dating. It is entitled 'Sweethearts', which is what Jay always calls me. And the boy is giving the girl strawberries, which Jay often did when we were dating. This photo has always hung in our bedroom.

And this is my favorite wedding photo, they were all so posed but this one was purely us, him kissing my hand and me just loving it.

The master bathroom, this tub is such a blessing to have. And that's the 'water closet', not quite sure why they call it that, I certainly don't go in there for the water, though I do sometimes find the cat in there getting a drink.

This is Sweetie's side of the bathroom. His stuff is not normally all put away, I go through everyday and put it all back in the basket, and then he brings it all out and leaves it all over the counter. Sheesh, men!

And this is my side of the counter, I'd like to think that I don't have that much stuff on the counter, but I'm just way to high maintenance to not have a counter full of 'neccessities'.

And this is the funniest part of this room, doesn't every house have some quirky thing? This is ours. It's the robe hook on the back of the bathroom door, I don't really want to change it, I've grown accustomed to seeing it every morning, especially the green rhinestone eyeballs. Very charming.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Marcie!!!

Today is my OLDER sister's birthday. She's 40 today. She'll try to tell you that she's actually the younger sister, but everyone knows the truth, she's old. I'm not, I'm still just 37.

This is her again, she wasn't always this cute, see below.

The cheesey grin, she might have been a ham. The lovely pants that I think my mother made. Nice.

There's that cheesey grin again, and I KNOW my mom made that nightgown. I totally remember that bouncy Mickey Mouse. Oh and there's her Mrs. Beasley doll, she loved that thing, and I was VERY jealous of it, I always wanted one.

See, she liked me, this is her greeting me when I came home from the hospital. She was the epitome of a great big sister.

Not quite a grin, more like an uncomfortable something in her pants, and the pants, wow, not quite sure what to say about those things, except it might explain some phobias we have of letting our Mom do our clothes shopping.

Yep, she's pretty much the cute one. And she knows it. Totally annoying.

Seriously Mama, did you not love us? Though I'm thinking that if I still had those pants I'd probably have a better golf game.

Marcie's the best older sister a girl could have.

She spoke for me for the first three years of my life, making sure I wasn't left out of having any dessert or anything. She never said anything mean to me, though she might've written it in her diary, not that I looked. Tried to teach me her mean dance moves, to no avail. Was always willing to give me her hand-me-downs. Put up with my obnoxious phone conversations with Sweetie when we were in High School. Let me drive before I had my license. And bawled like a baby when she got married because she was going to miss me. :o) I loved that one.

She's super-duper funny and silly and we always have fun together. She's a great Mom to my niece and the crazy Auntie that always tries to kiss my boys. Love you Marcie, thanks for being so wonderful, hope you're having a great day!

A Recent Opportunity

It's not often my boys are clean, dressed decently and willing to pose.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Guest Room

This Guest Room has gone through so many changes since we moved here. We bought our house furnished (sort of) it was a friends' parents' vacation home and we ended up moving sooner than we had anticipated, so we realized it would be nice to do a trial run, buy the house furnished, move just a bit of our stuff, try it out for a couple of months and see how it felt running the company so far away and then move everything else in and sell what we didn't need in a garage sale.

This was the guest room when we bought the house.

This is the guest room right after we moved in, my parents came for a visit after Christmas so I fixed it up all cute for them. These walls were painted that green color, it was a very dark color. I hated it. I tend not to like living in dark colors.

My mom loved it when it was decorated like this, because it had the most space in the room, the bed was comfy and she had lots of drawers and closet space. But I was mean and gave the bed to a sweet seminary student that went to our church that had been sleeping on a couch for WAY too long and I couldn't bare it anymore. So we changed the room into more of a sitting room, much to our guests dismay.

See we painted it and got a sofa sleeper and moved the piano in there to try to muffle some of the 'lovely practice music'.

And then just a month later, while Sweetie was on a business trip the boys & I surprised him by getting all his books out of storage and finally putting them in bookcases. So this became the library, and Calvin's favorite room. It gets great afternoon sun and is a perfect place to curl up with a good book or just take a nap. So cozy.

This is what it looks like when it's set up for guests. It works, but it's not ideal. A little tight. I guess it guarantees that our guests won't stay too long. Not that we've ever wanted someone to go home early.

And this would be the bathroom, the guest bathroom, the powder room, the downstairs bathroom, Dave's bathroom.

And those are the guest quarters in the 'West Wing'.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Welcome Interruption

The Track Meet for Runner's Camp was way too much fun. Here are some pics to share with ya.

This the Davester throwing the javelin. Can you see him? He's pretty small. I was about to die from heat stroke so the picture isn't the best. He placed 3rd in the javelin.

This is Mr. Handsome. Or maybe Mr. Stinky at this point.

This is when he was getting ready to start the mile. Look how focused he is, but yet relaxed. He's very well trained. He takes after him mama.

Lap one, still focused and having fun.

Lap two, focused and not payin' attention to his mama yelling on the sidelines.

Lap three, he's starting to look tired, not so happy anymore.

This is where it happened. This is him crossing the finish line. I was a loser mom and wasn't right there by the line. And that other kid that you see crossing the line with him, yeah, that kid was part of the pack that Dave lapped. Lapped, people, LAPPED.

They lined the kids up like this when they came in so they could keep track of where they placed. And this is the point where I realized that Dave looks like he's going to hurl. And I'm praying he just moves away from the coach's shoes.

Oh whew, he's okay. No hurlin' in the coach's shoes.

And this is him 'trying' to walk off the field to get his ribbon. This is what he walked like all week. An old man. Too funny. Poor thing.

Sorry for the dark horrible picture, this is Dave doing the hurdles. After I snapped this I started screaming and running down the line with him. He had such a lead and didn't hit one hurdle. He placed 1st in this one too.

And then I was gone for the 800m and forgot to leave my camera with Sue. But he got 1st place and later he got a lecture from me about letting someone else win now and then.

Even though the heat was killin' us, it was too much fun. It's fun to see all sorts of parents and friends that you don't get to see but at these things once a year or maybe, if you're lucky, you'll run into them at Target. Sylvia and I got to see each other, though I don't remember any of our conversation due to the fact that I was dying of heat stroke. I sat with lots of people from our church. And then at the end I was on the field along the track with my friend Sue laughin' it up.

Good times.