happily ever after: July 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

Tour of The Office and a Little of the Boys

Today I'll show you my office. It's nothing too big and exciting. Since we own our own business and we run it from our home, we needed a dedicated space for office-ing. This room is perfect.

My desk. Isn't it cute? I've had to do a lot of changing here lately, I've taken back over doing all the books. Can't be quite as cutesy anymore.

My Mom-in-Law got me this little sign years ago, but it has hung over my desk ever since we took over this business, it reminds me everyday that it's not me it's HIM that is in control.

This is my 'Special Things' shelf. A favorite picture of my guys in front of the White House. My little 'Chewy' figurine from the boys. A sweet little red bird from my Mama. A cute vase from my sister that I use as a reed diffuser. A small wreath. A cross from some friends that are missionaries in Mexico. A friendship ornament from Sara. And the little school bus, we won't go there. Let's just say it's a private joke in my family, and my Mama thought it'd be cute to put it in my stocking last year. She's very thoughtful, that one.

I'd show you Jay's side but it's just the same desk only it's completely covered by papers. I'd straighten it for you, but then it would totally mess up his system. After 18 years of marriage I know one way I can love him is to leave his desk alone.


Thing One & Thing Two at lunch today. Precious.


Oh, so handsome.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. The storm outside my window.

2. A quiet house.

3. Piano music on the stereo.

4. Banana bread in the oven.

5. My God that forgives and makes all things new.

6. Laughing with my boys today.

7. A Sweetie that loves me so much.

8. Black Walnut ice cream.

9. Summer vacation.

10. Curling up on the couch with a good book.

Hoping you're thankful today.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Like I could really be wordless.

These are just random shots of the boys today.

Calvin was helping Dave download his pictures off his camera, then they played on Cavin's laptop together for awhile. Ah, brothers.

Eating their chili dogs watching 'The Sandlot'. Ah, boyness.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What We've Been Up To Lately in Reverse

TUESDAY: Dave went to work with Dad today, so me and the Calv got to hang out. He's a great kid and I love just hanging with him. He's also pretty funny. We took a bunch of last year's curriculum to the Homeschool Store to sell it on consignment. I might make $150 off of it. Not bad. Sweetie tried to tell me that he made Dave climb into an attic today. It was 130 degrees. He got in trouble for that one. But he got into EVEN MORE trouble for not taking a picture of the Davester with his tool belt on. What a cutie-patootie.

MONDAY: Had big plans that day, but got none of them done. Was woken up by a VERY obnoxious friend wanting to go on a walk. It was already 84 degrees outside plus humidity, she'd had her coffee and inhaler so she was all perky and a nuisance. I made her walk up all my hills. Then the boys and I spent the day trying to organize and make sense out of our new curriculum. I LOVE this time of year, it's an organizers' heaven! Sweetie and I went on a date to The Walmart, we really know how to party.

SUNDAY: Calvin and I both got up at the same time but he took longer to get ready than I did, we teased him for it all the way to church. It takes us 15 minutes to get to church. He feels well loved. Went to church and cried through most of it, God is doing some work in me and breaking down some walls. We went to lunch with a bunch of people from church to the Mellow Mushroom, OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS SOME SERIOUSLY GOOD FOOD!!! Laughing and getting to know some new ladies. I went to a baby shower and got to hold a sweet 6 week old preciousness THE WHOLE TIME. I was a total baby hog, and didn't even care. She was the sweetest little thing. The guys went bowling while I was gone. Sweetie and I went on a long drive, in the pouring down rain, eating our Chicken Biscuits and looking at neighborhoods, we discovered some new ones.

SATURDAY: Woke up to little boys upstairs laughing. Made pancakes, real ones with nothing healthy in them, except that they were completely from scratch. They were yummers. Had to make 4 batches to feed all the boys at my house. Made the mostest yummiest layered mexican dip for a wedding reception. Went to our first wedding since moving here. It was a milestone for me, don't know why. Helped out in the kitchen during the reception and had a lot of fun with the ladies. Got mad at Sweetie while I was there. Sweetie doesn't want me to go to anymore weddings, seems I get a little sensitive at them. Went home and stayed in a stupor of bitterness for the rest of the evening. Finally went to bed and let the rest of the family have some relief from my lovely 'tude.

FRIDAY: Ran lots of errands. Don't even remember what all we did that day. Boys had their last night at Power Camp, Sweetie and I went and watched the closing ceremonies. Davester was on the big video screen doing some gangster hand motions, nothing dirty (of course), I'm a little scared. Stole Theresa's kids and her minivan. Had a run-in with the Domino's Pizza people AGAIN! Had two extra boys sleepin' upstairs for the night, was VERY thankful for my hot pink ear plugs.

Whew! Lots of activity, lots of lovin', lots of friends, one bad attitude and a whole lotta laughter.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tour of the Boys Quarters

The great thing about this house is that the whole upstairs is for the boys. Two rooms and a bathroom. Perfect. All they need is a fridge and they tell me I'd never see them. Lovely.

Let's go up...

aren't they cute?

The place where all the famiy photos go. It's like our little shrine to our family. Sometimes we light candles.

The Davester's room. He's all about sports. He told me where he wanted his furniture and what stuff he wanted up, I helped get it arranged so it looks sorta nice. Isn't he cute?

Dave at his desk. We found this desk and hutch at the used furniture store here, such a treasure for a little guy. That's his futon behind him, for when his buds come to stay over.

Dave's reading corner, though he never sits in that chair to read, he thinks it looks like he could. How cute is he?

Sometimes Winston likes to come up and see what kind of scraps the boys have left for him, and he might get a snuggle on the bed.

Their bathroom, AFTER I cleaned it. Your welcome.

Where they SOMETIMES hang their towels. But it gets better...wait for it.

oh where to start. First the obvious. The towel hook. As you can see by the lovely white circle in the blue paint, we USED to have a towel bar hanging here. But Dave the Monkey thought it would be fun to try pull-ups on it, so it no longer resides here. I sent Sweetie to Home Depot to get new towel hooks to mount right over the ugly white spots...he came back with these, lovely orange things. But then he had Dave demonstrate for me....Dave can hang off these things and they stay in the wall...very helpful. Second, the name tags. Yes, I have a germophobe in my house, I won't tell you who, but it might be Calvin. He had scotch taped signs over each towel...I thought it was a good time to break out the label maker. Much better.

Big C in his room. So handsome.

We helped some friends move and Calvin weezled this stereo out of them. That boy has some serious weezle skills. I'm sure Sara remembers having to frisk him everytime he left her house, for any 'lost toys' that might have found their way into his pockets. He was three at the time. And four. And five. You get the picture.

Calvin at his desk. My sweet grandpa made this desk. It was always in their house. I remember sitting and playing at this desk when I was little. When Grandma passed away, I got the desk. It's precious. The sound the drawers make when they get pulled out, wood scraping wood. I never want that fixed, it will always remind me of my Grandpa. Calvin loved his Great Grandpa and has a sweet respect for this desk, he's very good to it.

Calvin's lego table. This boy has some SERIOUS lego abilities, and I'm not allowed to move a single piece. Once I tried to dust it, not a pretty day, let me tell you. It's beautiful isn't it? Somewhere in there is a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. That's my favorite part.

Calvin's bed, with his hats on the headboard, kitty getting settled for his daily nap, and this...

Yep, that would be John Wayne and Jesus. Not quite sure what to think of this. But he bought himself that Jesus plaque when he was like 5 at a garage sale. Isn't that cute??? And he loves himself some John Wayne movies.

This is maybe my favorite part of his room. He sleeps with a Bible under his pillow every night. Really. When I change the sheets I have to put it right back. He's been doing it for like a year or more. He got some sweet advice from my friend Theresa, it has something to do with 'holding every thought captive'. Precious and priceless.

Those are the boys quarters. Hope you enjoyed the tour. Next up, the sauna and office. Oh, the excitement.

About Yesterday's Video

What is it about a man passionately playing the piano that makes me swoon. Sweetie needs to learn the piano, seriously.

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a couple of college guys from a singing group here at the house. After dinner me and the boys were cleaning the kitchen and Kurt & Caleb went in and found the piano. They were playing and singing. I stopped right in the middle of the kitchen floor, with bowl in my hand, soap dripping from my wrist and my eyes welled up. The boys were just staring and laughing at me, I told them to shoosh, I was having a 'moment'. Afterwards, I told my boys that they were now OUT and these guys were moving in.

My poor boys, they needed extra hugs that night. And they need more piano lessons, for sure.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lovin' this Love Story


What We've Been Up To Lately

We are officially on summer break. This week, Sweetie decided he was going to allow Calvin to sleep as LATE as he wants. Say hello to 9:30am. But then he just comes down the stairs and does this. Isn't he cute? Sorry, handsome. I love how the kitty curls up on him and has his paw on his arm. So sweet.

I really don't mind him sleeping all the time. Because when he's awake he does this. He's a bit scary.

We got some rain this week.

Lots of rain. We really needed it. The lake especially was very thirsty.

There was a big, and I mean BIG, baby shower at my house this weekend for sweet Kathleen. I just had to show you the hydrangea's that were brought for the centerpiece. Gorgeous. And they got left at my house for me to enjoy, what a treat. And yes, I FINALLY used my grandmother's crocheted tablecloth, beautiful.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hairy Pictures

I don't know who really won. Consider all yourselves winners or weiners, which ever best fits you. I'll let you decide.

This is what I look like now. Of course it looked cuter when Kathleen got done with it, but then I sat poolside for 3 hours in the melting southern heat. I wanted my picure taken with Jay but Dave could not take a 'non-blurry' photo to save his life, perhaps he did one too many belly flops in the pool tonight. So Sweetie took this picture of Dave and me. Calvin was very busy upstairs trying to fake like he was sleeping.

I'm really happy with the hair and had fun getting all the feedback. Thanks for taking the time.

This is what we're doing this week. I got all the pictures that have been just thrown in boxes for the last 13 years and we sorted them all by year yesterday.

Then today, while I cleaned house the boys sat at tables in their rooms and put together scrap/photo books for us. They would grab a box and a new album and put it together. Then they'd bring them to me to check it and then I'd pay them. Quite the summer job for a couple of rap-scallions. The trick is to not be TOO picky about what order the pictures are in.

I took this picture yesterday morning, Jay was reading the jokes to us from the Reader's Digest magazine. But I just loved it that Dave was wearing his quilters as a cape, don't tell any of his friends I told you, he'd be mad at me.

I realize that I haven't gotten any good pictures of Calvin lately. Well that's because he's been constantly gone to some sort of camp or he's sleeping. But just so you know, he had a totally radilicioius time at youth camp last week. A total mountain top experience, and those that have been to church youth camp know what I'm talking about. He's thankful to be home, sleeping in his own bed, picking on his brother, eating my food, snuggling with his cat, laying on the couch and not having to do any school. It's good to have the big lug back home, I didn't like how much he was gone this summer, didnt' like it at all.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pick a Do


For those that don't remember, this is what I look like right now. Oh, look at sweet Daisy Girl. I want her hair.

So here's your chance. Vote on your favorite, I go in Thursday afternoon so you'll have till then. I had a hard time getting the colors to work and look right, so yes, you can vote on color of hair and the cut. And yes, I'm aware that I picked a couple that pretty much looks like my hair now. Whatever, just go with it.


This is what I had to start with. My bed head. Lovely.


Okay, not really, but I did have this exact hairdo when Dave was about 2 I think. I called it my Meg Ryan do.


This was one of Jay's picks, but then he said I really shouldn't go short (I think he's speaking of 22 years of experience of me having long hair and then getting it all wacked off and crying for weeks about it, how vain am I?)


This was Dave's favorite and one of Jay's favorites. Yes, I'm aware that it's just a shorter version of what I have now. Dave doesn't do well when his mama changes.


This was Calvin's pick. I'm not all that excited about this one, don't know why.


I seriously went into this thinking I was going to get this. But after seeing it on my face I don't think it's the most flattering. What do you think?


I keep going back to this one. I think it's my favorite.


I really wish I looked like this.


And this was Jay's favorite. Yep, it's what I've already got. Whatever. Maybe I should just cancel my hair appointment and go get my toes painted instead. Sorry Kathleen.


Then again maybe I'll just go with this one and make them all go crazy. I thought this was way fun. A 'Faith Hill' cut. But all three of the guys were rolling their eyes on this one and thought it was a joke. I think I had this one too at some point in my past. I still think it's super fun and cute.

Go forth, comment and vote.