happily ever after: Reasons Why I'm Prideful

Friday, January 4, 2008

Reasons Why I'm Prideful

See, I have a theory. I must be too prideful and thus God is trying to humble me. I realize my sense of God may be off and I'm sure to get a little talking to from my theological husband....but alas (there's that word again), this is me and how my brain works. You see, I've been making more than my fair share of 'stupid mistakes' lately. First one came with the way I marked the boys Christmas packages. You see they are 11 and 9...so I numbered them. The 11 year old had numbers like 65, 74, 101, 92 and so on. The 9 year old had numbers like 54, 63, 81, .... are you getting it? (for those of you that are challenged like my children 6 + 5 = 11, thus the number 65 for boy that is 11.) Well, much to my husbands delight I got two of the numbers off. The Davester (9 year old) got a #71 and the Calvin (the 11 year old) got a #82. Whatever! Close enough, I say!

The next mistake came this morning. Remember my #2 New Year's Resolution??? To exercise for one hour everyday...well, I got up at 6:00 this AM, got dressed for the gym, bundled up for the 19 degree weather outside and got into Jay's truck (it's parked outside, thus I don't have to open the garage doors that are right under the boys beds)....well the windshield had little frost spots all over it, but, not to worry, I could still see, so I drove on. At the end of our street I realized that the frost was starting to melt, so I did the windshield wipers.....nothing.....so....yes, you know what's coming, don't you....I sprayed the windshield sprayer, only to be totally blinded by the NOW large splat of ice all over the windshield. Did I mention it was 18 degrees outside? That's right, somehow, it was warmer in my driveway. So now I'm driving down my street with my head hanging out the window trying to find a driveway I can turn around in and go home. Once home, do I let the truck sit and warm up so the windshield can defrost, NO, at this point, I'm so discouraged and frozen and am convinced that those in charge of holding us accountible to our stupid New Year's Resolutions really didn't mean to exercise on really cold mornings. So I crawled back into bed where I proceeded to sleep in till 8:30am!

The next humbling moment came when the boys got up and we told them to go outside and do their chores.

BOYS: "But it's cold outside."
LOVING PARENTS: "No, it's not, it's really warm, you don't even need your jacket."
BOYS: "But it looks cold!"
LOVING PARENTS: "Well, it's not, you can just run out in your bare feet, now GO!"

hee-hee, we were soon met with screams and the two of them running back in at us. They were appalled at us. Dad told them it was only 19 degrees outside, that's not cold. Which I added....being the highly intelligent and highly educated one....yeah, that's only half my age. First of all, I'm 36 not 38. And second of all......what does my age have to do with the temperature???? Whatever!

So you see, there is no way that I can stay prideful when I keep making such a stupid fool of myself. But I am keeping the comedy routine up for my sweetie, he just loves a good laugh at my expense.

Thank you God for keeping me real.