happily ever after: seven things you probably didn't know about me

Thursday, January 10, 2008

seven things you probably didn't know about me

I've been tagged. (I've always wanted to say that!) There is a blog that I read ALL THE TIME (like, that's news) and she tagged anyone who read her post. SO doesn't that mean me? Here goes....

1. after being together for 20 1/2 years, I'm still, desperately in love with my husband. I mean, I get all weepy when I think about the blessing that he is in my life. I still get that giddy feeling when he comes home and gives me a big hug and kiss. In fact, when we were in Target one day, he and the boys went off on their own direction and I got my stuff. Then while in line I saw this man walk by. I thought to myself....'Dang, he's good looking, geeze!'.....Only then to realize I was talking about my own sweetie. See, he really does it for me. :o)

2. i really do love doing laundry. I love seeing the piles all high and disorderly on the floor of the laundry room. I love sorting them and making sure all the jeans and socks are turned right side out (otherwise, how will they get clean, right?). I love turning on the water, putting the right soap and softener in, get the right temperature and water level dialed in. I love transfering when the load is ready. But more than that, I love burying my face in clean fresh smelling laundry! I have to make sure I have the right mixture of soap smell, softener smell, and dryer sheet smell. Oh, yummy. I love seeing a dryer vent all caked with fluff, just waiting for me to pile it up. You, see I keep piling it on top of the dryer until the whole day is done and see what size the pile is. I grade my existance and my worth on the size of that there lint pile. I love folding, and getting everyone's piles just so. Oh, and then cramming my nose into the piles and smelling. Oh, yummy. I realize I need to teach the boys to do laundry. And I have, and they do, when I'm backed up and doing other things. But, darn it, it's my paradise, leave me be! So, you see, Mama, it brought me joy to do your laundry when I was at your house, I wasn't just trying to be helpful, it was purely selfish of me. And Sara, I'm sorry, I didn't spend a day at your house, so that I could do your laundry, I know you probably had it stored up for me.

3. I can't go to sleep with an empty stomach, so that rule that you shouldn't eat anything after 7pm, doesn't apply to me. Seriously, I've decided that the fat won't stick to my butt because it's a sleep issue.

4. I would rather have See's chocolate candy than anything else in the world. I can say 'no, thank you' to Godiva and all they other ritzy stuff. But show me some See's and I'll do anything. In fact I special ordered myself a box, had it shipped to me, and ate the whole thing when sweetie was on a business trip last year. They don't have See's here, and it's the one thing about living here that I hate!

5. My closet is an ambarassement. I have a sickness, really. Probably 20 purses, over 50 pairs of shoes, and enough clothes to start my own store. oooooooh, but what a fun store that would be huh?

6. My biggest fear in life is throwing up, puking, spewing, up-chucking....whatever you want to call it, and sorry if you're eating while reading this. I haven't done it since I was, like 2 or 3 years old. And it's my biggest fear. I don't want to be around anyone that has been sick, is thinking about being sick, is pretending to be sick, is talking about a time they were sick. I'm a freak of nature, I'm aware, I got through two pregnancies without doing it and who knows how many stomach aches all the while keeping it all down! It's a talent! But my friends here think it's hilarious. They've all had lovely discussions about Mrs. *Smith* and her phobia. My good friend was pregnant and could do it (and did) at the drop of the hat, she wouldn't drive places with me, so afraid if she needed to..you know... I'd leave her by the roadside. Been thinking about undergoing hypnosis for it, until then, keep your distance.

7. I really do miss my boys being younger, it really did go by way too fast. I was way too much of a stress-case to enjoy all of it. I think that's why I want more now that I'm old, I think I'd enjoy it more and be less stressed. Maybe I'm just kidding myself. But seriously, I like to pretend the things are still 2 and 4. They really appreciate this in me, you know, just like boys of 10 and 12 would, enjoy their mother babying them. But seriously, I love them, and miss the little cute-ness stages. Now they just do gross boy things, they smell, they talk about naughty things in front of the grandparents, they would rather do things with Dad than with me. But at night, when the lights are turned out, and none of their friends are looking....they let me hug and kiss on them, till I'm all filled up. :o) Thanks guys.

That was fun, yes? Consider yourself tagged, what are seven things that you don't think I'd know about you.....