happily ever after: February 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just Another Saturday

It's chore day around here. We're all working really hard.

Not really, it looks like THIS outside, so no yard work again this weekend.

Jay had Calvin teach our morning devotions one day this week. He did really well. We're so proud of him. Yes, it was Wednesday Waffle Day.

Dave and I made Caramel Apples today. We were gonna make cookies, but these sounded like more fun.

The boys had basketball again this weekend. But I couldn't get any pictures of my boys, I kept watchin' these little cutie-patootie's. I always wanted to be a cheerleader. They were adorable. Jay tells me my time of doing such things has passed. He's such an encourager.

Happy Saturday to y'all.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm Back!

First there were the pleas from my mom. Then there was a lovely email from Sara, saying 'when the heck are you going to blog again, oh, and I miss you'...then another plea from both my parents this morning, with instructions to at least post some pictures. Then my sister calls me, with the news that she's joined facebook and when was I going to get myself out of bed and start blogging again. Whatever!

Second, but this should have been first, let me just say a big thank you for all of you that prayed. I want to give you an update. Sweet little Ella passed away in the arms of her would-be adoptive Grandma. What a sweet little story that both her Grandma's were able to be with her in the end. John & Courtney have received another referral and are trying to move forward as best they can. Their hearts are torn, as you can imagine.

Troy & Lori are in CA awaiting the birth of their second child, which could be VERY soon.

And the court battles on for little Makayla. They were postponed from a few weeks ago and actually in court all day today.

Your prayers would still be appreciated.


Now onto the not very exciting news that has been our lives this past month.

Where did we leave off? Let me see...ah yes...the snow day...

this is my snow angel, what you don't see very well is the VERY LARGE inprint of my butt in my Levi's that Dave was so kind to point out. Such a lovely child. But at least this is proof that I did indeed go outside, chased the boys around the property, had a snow ball fight with them, made snow angels and freezed my little be-jeebers off.

The Davester's snow angel, no he didn't make such a big inprint. He takes after his mother.

Calvin's snow angel, he was a VERY serious angel maker. There was so much snow flyin' and the thing was really big. Don't mess with the Calv.

Aren't they precious. This is right before they started chasing me and throwing snow down my pants. They aren't such cute little angels after all.

The icicles that hung from the eaves for three days, they kept getting longer and longer every day. A little freaky, but kinda fun to watch from my kitchen window.

Miss Gina came and got the boys and drove all the kids down to the best sledding spot on the street. They all spent the day at different houses, drinking hot chocolate, doing puzzles, sitting in the jacuzzi (yes, outside) and doing 'double-dog-dares' to each other (you know, like 'I dare you to run barefoot in just your swim trunks to the tree and back')...yeah, they had a blast!


(my mother is going to kill me for posting this picture, but it is my favorite, absolute favorite, look how sweet they are.)

Four days after the snow, my parents landed. They came for 10 days and we were in heaven to have them here. They are too much fun and indulged us, by letting us torture them aplenty.

We introduced them to MarioKart on the Wii. The boys found out where I learned how to scream. (thanks, Mama)

They helped us celebrate Calvin's 13th birthday. The boy got muchas mas legos. He was very happy.

After a morning of laying around, having breakfast, watching a movie and opening presents, we went to 'Fat Daddy's' for lunch. Notice my double fisted french fry eating, it's an art form. Calvin had free reign of the camera all day and I got a lot of self portraits, he's a gem.

They started their basketball while Mimi & Papa were here. This is Dave going in for a basket, he nailed it. (I think, I actually wasn't there, hee-hee.)

Calvin trying to get the ball, be very afraid.

Next, it was time to celebrate Dave's birthday. He picked Cracker Barrel for breakfast, love that boy. After fillin' up with good viddles, it was time for Mini Golf.

Papa-Bear, showing us his skills. He's purty durn good at the mini golf.

Then there's this guy, he makes my heart go flutter.

Yep, it's true, we ALL went on the go-carts. I had the most fun, tryin' to get the perfect shot of my mother flyin' past. She's got herself some serious drivin' skills. But it's just wrong that she's looks classy drivin' the go-cart.

Next we all played laser-tag. I didn't get any pictures as I was just tryin' not to pee my pants every time Jay jumped at me from around a corner. Whatever!

Next up for the week was the big bowling party with our friends. This was a total blast. I got no good photos of this trip, sorry, all except one, my mama, she just loves me with a camera! :o)

My parents left the next day. It was so sad to see them go. But I really think they were happy to leave. You see, we trashed them (as Dave put it). Let me explain...

The Trashing of Mimi & Papa...

- first, my Dad went to work with Jay and Don one day and tweaked his back. Yes, Jay and Don got a verbal mouthful from me on the proper care of my Dad.

- next, my Dad came down with a case of his vertigo, a bad case. Again, I blamed Jay & Don, they probably hung him upside down from some ladder 1/2 the day. So Daddy was sick in bed all day.

- after he recovered from that, we made him run around and play laser-tag in the dark. AND, jossle around in a go-cart.

- last but certainly not least...while bowling he re-tweaked his back and Mama pulled a muscle.

To see them hobble off to get onto their plane was a very sad sight indeed. Especially since they missed their plane TWICE and had to sit in the airport all day waiting for a flight.

They are no longer eagerly racking up the miles points on their visa card, in fact their next vacation they are planning is to drive to Death Valley and they are actually excited about it....we really know how to lower ones expectation on vacations, don't we?

Anyone wanna come stay with us for awhile?

This post was seriously long and I've got to go spend some quality time with my boys before the day is over, not really, I'm just cravin' some hot chocolate and can hear their movie in the other room and would rather be layin' on the couch with them.

Thanks for readin'.