happily ever after: March 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fighting the Nap

So this post is by my son Dave. After taking him to the doctor to find out he has a 'form of strep' and possibly mono (we'll be waiting for the end of the week to take the blood test for mono)..the doctor told him, he needs to stay inside, resting, drinking lots of fluids, eat lots of fruits and veggies and GET LOTS OF SLEEP!!!!! Dave rolled his eyes. I did the happy dance.

So when we got home, I knew it was MY naptime, so I had Dave go up and take a nap too. This is what he spent his time doing....while I was sleeping.


1. It's a waste of time.
2. Night is when you sleep.
3. I don't feel better, I feel worse.

Nappng is so dumb, why nap when I could be doing school, playing with dad or Calv, studying the word of God (nice), reading, or watching a movie. They are all better than napping. It's a waste of time. If you want to get better then why nap, I could be getting better, naps make me feel worse. I am a night sleeper, I don't know about you but I generaly sleep at night. Instead of having 15 hours to do stuff,when you nap you take off 2 hours - in 2 hours I could watch a movie, read 7 chapters or play a game. Overall I am against naps and HATE taking them. Doc may have said go to sleep early, but that's at night and its not night, its 2:15.

(this is where he stopped, because...HE FELL ASLEEP!)

He's so precious.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 13 on the 'Dave is Still Sick' Watch

Yes, it's true. I'm completely beside myself. I thought I was bad when they got the stomach flu but try having them have a cold and fever for 13 days. Makes this Mama pretty much a mess. I know we should have more sympathy for the sick boy. But this is my blog, not his. :o)

But really, he woke me up again yesterday morning saying he didn't feel good at all and had another fever. After getting him all tucked in on the couch, meds in, water downed and he fell back asleep ,I just rubbed his back...and prayed, and prayed, and prayed. My poor baby, my heart just aches when my babies are sick. I don't care how old they are, it will still make me cry and worry.

Jay had to put the kibosh on me taking him to the doctor everyday, saying that a cold and low grade fever are no excuse to go to the doctor and what can they do that they didn't do last week????

Then, it happened, the sweetest voice on the phone...our pediatrician finally callin' me with the final lab results from the culture they took from him last week. He either has strep or maybe mono. See, he really was sick and needs those antibiotics. I'm normally one of those moms that tries all the 'natural cures' before I'll give them anything regular, but not this time. I was begging for drugs. The nurses and receptionists are completely tired of me calling everyday. But the sweet Doctor calling me tonight and wanting us to get the pills and then bring him in the morning to check again. I just love him. I could just kiss him right now.

I don't have any pictures for this post. One, because I couldn't figure out how to download them into my new laptop. Two, how many pictures of a sick little boy laying on the couch can one take? Third, he now snarls at me when I get my camera out. Except for the sweet picture I took of him snuggling his dog yesterday afternoon, that dog knows when his Dave is not feeling well, and it makes my heart smile.

Jay and I have been tag teaming it, Jay is in charge of doing the Neti-Pot (nasal passageway clean out) every morning and night. I'm in charge of administrating the medicines. Jay's in charge of making sure he eats the food I give him. I'm in charge of drowning him in fluids. Jay is in charge of giving him comedic relief. I'm in charge of snuggling him and watching movies with him. It's a tough job, but I'm happy to do it. Jay's not too thrilled about the Neti-Pot thing, especially when Calvin and I come running to see what creatures are comin' out of his nose. Lovely little science project.

His baseball draft was tonight, but he was too out of it to go, we're hoping that there will be a make up night. I can't imagine the spring without baseball. His last basketball game is this weekend, hopefully he'll be able to at least go and sit on the bench. I've missed church three weeks now, I'm hoping that no-one will be sick and I can go this Sunday, I'm thinking the pastor is going to make a house call pretty soon if he doesn't see me there soon. We've tried doing a little bit of school but when I look at the month of March in the attendance book, it's a very sad sight. Looks like we'll be schoolin' through the summer this year.

I'm off to stick a thermometer in my turkey, mash some taters, paint my toenails. Hears hopin' I'm able to blog about something other than sickness...soon.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're Still Here

This is what greets you at the back door. After what seems like a month of illness, it pretty much sums up our house. We are very thankful that so far it has not gotten to Jay or I.

So for the past two days this is what my guest room was used for...

The poor little thing. We thought he was getting better over the weekend, but then Monday night it hit him like a ton of bricks. Fever, cough and severe tiredness. We rushed him to the doctor Tuesday night where they did strep test, flu test, pee in a cup test. He has nothing serious. It's just a cold. But this is the worst-bad-@#$ cold of the century. O-my-goodness!

I made him stay in bed all day yesterday. I've been force feeding him fluids, soups, fruit, malt-o-meal. The DVD player doesn't work in this room so he's been watching TV all day long. I know that he's being corrupted by all the nonsense cartoons, game shows, Judge Judy and maybe a little soap opera...but, seriously, how much can affect a little eleven year old? Right?

We were suppose to have some friends come and stay with us for a couple of weeks before they go on their mission field. But what with the plague going on over here, they were a little scared. So they are coming tomorrow to just stay the weekend. Don't you know I've had to completely wash down and clean the guest room & bath.

Yes, I have WAY too much free time. This is what I do when we have guests.

Oh, but wait, check out the bathroom.

As you can see, not very exciting stuff going on around here. Me trying to keep busy and not go stir crazy and the boys doing hardly any school and lots of TV watching.

Spring is here and we wanna go out and play....soon, hopefully, real soon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

House of Plagues (take two)

Meet Sickie Number One...

(oh, and can I just tell you, this is what the kitty does every night, he jumps up on Calvin's stomach and starts massaging it, till he gets it just right, then curls up and lays down. Calvin loves it, and we just laugh.)

He came down with it last Thursday and is still going strong. We thought it was Strep, but now the Doctor thinks it may be Mono (lovely).... we're still holding out hope that it's just a bad flu/cold thing.

Then yesterday, Sickie Number Two...

Doesn't have much energy, but at least he can still hold the wheel. That would have been tragic.

I've been keeping busy by doing lots of cleaning, laundry, reading, did all my ironing & mending; watching all the Andy Griffith, Gilligan's Island, I Love Lucy shows, some Indiana Jones movies, ALL the Rocky movies (Yo, Adrian!), it's been real fun.

I've also been dealing with lovely computer naughtiness. Like email just not wanting to download. Being kicked off the internet at the bestest of times. And right now, I keep getting some sound file that keeps playing weird commercials. There is no window, just some sound....what is up with that? Some bad woogies have gotten ahold of my computer. My Mr. Computer Chris got a frantic call this morning. He loves my frantic calls...."Chris, come quick I can't check my blogs, things are very dire, need your help, stat!"

We did order me a new computer, because this one is well, not doing well, computer guy said it was a good time to do it, and the deal was too good to pass up. But in the mean time, I still need to be able to do the important things like run payroll, pay bills, email my homies, blog for my parents, shop for shoes, check out the deals at Old Navy...you know the really crucial stuff.

wups, gotta go, someone just hacked up somethin' in the other room, gotta go check to see if it was the cat or the Dave. O, Happy Day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thankful on a Thursday

1. How sweet my boys are too each other when one of them is sick. At 13 and 11 it's all I get.

2. That it's chilly outside today and looks like rain, I love it when it's like this.

3. My bouquet of daffodils on my table. They had bloomed and then the snow made them get all laying-downy, so I brought them in the house to perk 'em up.

4. All the hugs and kisses I've gotten from Sweetie this week.

5. My parents left today on a little camping trip, though I hate it when they are gone and not available for me to call them anytime I want to, I do love it that they can get away.

6. I got to talk to Sara last night, and then realized I haven't talked to her for a few months, I've been a bad friend. But she's good about forgiving me. Right?

7. Sweet Gina showing up this morning with our movies, but asked if she could get Calvin anything at the store.

8. After getting some bad news last night about some friends of ours, Calvin called everyone on his cell phone contact list and asked them to be praying.

9. Laughing on the phone last night with my friend Stephanie while I made dinner. Yummy & Healthy tacos.

10. My bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs that I have hiddden from the boys. My favorite Easter candy! Every so often I walk by and get a couple. Yummo!

Prayer...if you don't mind. Sweet Heidi at Nothing But Blue Sky was in a bad car accident yesterday. She broke her ankle/leg and had to go through several hours of surgery last night. She's about 30 weeks pregnant and the baby seems to be okay PTL! Please be praying that her healing goes good and that all is okay with little baby Samuel.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thankful on a Saturday

1. A good nights sleep, which is rare when Sweetie is out of town.

2. Dave holding my hand while we were reading in bed.

3. That first bite of crepes this morning.

4. Hearing what a great time my oldest is having with his Dad. Just listening to his deep voice over the phone.

5. The absolutely gorgeous weather we've had the last couple of days.

6. Got to talk to my sister today, even if it was to give her advice on what kind of vacuum to buy.

7. Remembering, even if it was at the last moment, that I was in charge of snacks for Dave's game today.

8. Watchin' Dave play basketball, and that I made it through the whole game without screaming his name and embarrassing him.

9. The windows being open today, loving the fresh air.

10. Snuggled in my bed, drinking a cup of tea watchin' a great movie with a sweet friend.

Friday, March 6, 2009


So for the past two weeks I've been feeling a little funky. I told Jay last week that I really miss my friends. It had been a long time since I'd just gotten together with someone for fun and relaxed and talked. So God answered my prayers and put it all in the 24 hours. God is so good like that.

Yesterday I got to visit with my friend Sue, even for just a little bit. But that's okay,it doesn't take us long to start sharin', talk a mile and minute and laugh a whole lot. Her husband had to get tough on her and make her go home! Too funny.

Then this morning, Lynne and I were finally able (yeah, right, we finally got our keesters out of bed) to go for our walk. Then hung out at her house decorating and re-arranging things.

Cathi called Dave and found out I was down there, so she came and crashed our little party. Too funny.

Cathi and I realized we hadn't really visited since before she went to CA, so Dave and I went over to their house and played and had lunch.

Next we had little Bryan over to play and I got to visit with Theresa for awhile. And then we got to embark on a little adventure that only we can ...

The neighborhood scary dog, Chester was seen walking down our street with a large 'who knows what' hanging from his mouth. When Theresa went to leave she found that he had left 'it' in the middle of the street not quite dead yet. It was a guinea (we have a flock of them that live on our street under some trees). Being the sweetie and sensitive being that she is, she couldn't just leave it there. So we embarked on 'taking care of things'. Since Jay has hidden all tools from me we had to use two pizza boxes to scoop said large bird and place him in the safe creek bed in my forest away from any dogs. We knew it was dying but neither one of us could do the deed of putting the poor thing out of it's misery. So we left it there, along with the pizza boxes (why? I don't even know.)

When Sweetie is out of town, Don (his best friend down the street) is in charge of taking care of all my problems...lucky guy! So I called him and left him a voice mail. He didn't call. So I nagged him. (I can do that to him, he's not my husband.) Since it had been a few hours, he told me to go check on the bird and he'd load up his gun. Lovely. Sadly the bird had already died. And no, we aren't having guinea stew for dinner tomorrow. But still, do I bury it? And how with no tools at my disposal, do I use a spoon to dig the hole. Do I just leave it there to stink? It's going to be 80 degrees tomorrow. Do I use the pizza boxes AGAIN and scoop it up into a trash bag and take it to the dump? Is that allowed? Is Stupid-Scary-Chester-Dog going to find it and finish it off? Why do these lovely things happen to me when Jay is out of town??????????? Ugh!

All this to say, it was a good day. The blessing of friendship is so huge, I am so thankful that God heard my minuscule cries and pleas last week. What timing He has.

Oh and because my parents like me to post pictures...here's what I got today.

While I was making Dave & me breakfast, Dave made me in a lego kitchen. That's me in pink. Aren't I cute? Check out how slim I am. I love legos. And for the record my hair was up in a pony tail today too. The boy is completely accurate in his lego building.

And these are all the people that have come to my diner to have breakfast, because my waffles are THAT GOOD!

I know, I know, it's not a picture of the Dave, but it's a picture of me (sort of) and isn't that even better????

Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Idea on How to Make Some Money

While deep-cleaning the boys upstairs rooms I got a grand idea. Instead of having to dust all their little 'special treasures' I can sell them on Ebay! Not only would it de-clutter their rooms, it would make us a whole-wad of spendin' cash.

I first need to install a lock on my closet. Otherwise I'll be seeing my shoes and purses being sold on Ebay as well. And that just won't do.

Maybe I'll just continue to let them store their junk, er, I mean treasures. Forget I ever said anything.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Half Gone, Again

This is the Davester and me, today. We're missing half of our family, and we don't know what to do with ourselves.

I bribed him today with a hotdog from Sonic and his favorite slushie so he'd go run errands with me. He's a great co-pilot, taking nonsense pictures of sports cars on the road and crossin' stops off our list.

Then we finished the day off by stopping at the video store to get our stack of videos; this is what me and the boys always do when Sweetie is out of town, it keeps us busy and out of trouble. :o)

So we were all ready to come home, snuggle up on the couch with our popcorn and 'Beverly Hills Chee-wa-wa' (don't blame me, the kid wanted to rent it!), but Dave got a call to go be a buddy's friend at Awana tonight.

SO I was stuck at home by myself to watch my chick flick...'Nights in Rodanthe'....NOT A GOOD IDEA TO WATCH THIS MOVIE WHEN YOUR SWEETIE IS OUT OF TOWN! Poor Sweetie got a blubbering wife callin' him in the middle of dinner at his sister's house (sorry Vicki). I should have known, I sobbed like a baby during the book, what made me think that the movie wouldn't do the same thing.

(spoiler alert)

Dave came home right at the end when I was at my worst, and was instantly concerned. (the poor kid is known to burst into tears anytime he sees me cryin', but he held it together just fine...I explained the movie to him and he was all aghast...'so basically they fall in love and then the guy dies? what a lame movie, who would write such a lame movie?' Yeah, what a guy he's becoming, sounds like his father!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Love Language

We've been together for almost 22 years. That's a whole lotta time. But he gets me. He totally gets me.

Not only did he surprise me by coming home early today. He then took me on a long drive around the area looking at the snow, or what was left of it. He knows I love going on a drive. He then took me to dinner at our favorite restaurant, so yummy.

That would have been enough, but then when we got home he was the ultimate husband. He completed all ALL of his chores on his 'Honey-Do-List' that has been on his bulletin board for like a month. He did them all!

I was sitting on the couch sewing buttons back on his suit coat (it's a long story and not at all interesting) when I see him walk in with the ladder. I'm like, 'it's 9pm what the heck are you doin?' He first replaced all the can light bulbs that had burnt out, there were like 6 of them.

He then was prepared to dust the VERY scary picture ledge in the stairwell, but I explained that between me, Dave & Calvin we got 'er done last week.

He then fixed the lamp that was broken by some precious little pumpkins during a party at our house awhile back. Fixed it, put a new light bulb back into it, put it perfectly on the table and plugged it back into the floor socket under the couch. Aw, the room looks all symetrical again, I can sleep.

Then he fixed the under cabinet light that has been danglin' ever so classy over my countertop. What a gem he is, I was starting to get all cozy with the lovely danglin' light, but he went and made it right again.

He replaced the lightbulbs in the front porch lights, so I can see the little cuties from down the street that come to see me and stare at the dogs when they are wanting inside.

Next, he went upstairs and fixed the towel bar in the boys bathroom. Who knows where they've been keeping their towels...I don't even want to think about it. But now, as long as Dave doesn't try doing pull-ups on it again, the bar should be good to go and let's hope the towels will be hanging there from now on.

So let's face it, Girls; flowers, candy, jewelry, it's all good...but it really doesn't come close to doing chores around the house without having to be nagged.

I love that guy and if you'll excuse me now, I've got to go figure out what his love language is. Hee-Hee....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Thankful Monday

1. Waking up to snow this morning. We didn't think we were going to get any, but sure enough. It's gorgeous.

2. Sweetie working from home today. I love Mondays.

3. I got a hug from my sister, even though it was via facebook.

4. Yesterday, Jay and I had nursery duty at church, what a blessing to hug on some cutie two year olds.

5. So thankful that we get to live in the country. Where my neighbors won't see me running around the yard in my bathrobe & bed-head.

6. My 2 1/2 hour nap yesterday afternoon, while it rained outside, and my boys were playing MarioKart in the living room. Such happy sounds.

7. The peace that God gives even in the midst of trials.

8. Our warm house with food in the cupboards.

9. My boys all snuggled in our bed watching a documentary on George Washington off the History channel. Homeschoolin' can be so cozy.

10. The puppies freshly bathed and brushed taking naps on the couches.