happily ever after: November 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Here, Let Me Take Your Coat


come on in.

Here, let me take your coat.

I'll put on a pot of water to boil in the kettle and we can sit ourselves down for a chat over some tea.

Go pick yourself out a tea bag while I grab the mugs.

I think I'll have a chai tea with a splash of milk.

Please, find yourself a comfy chair and put your feet up.

"Boy it sure is chilly out there.

I hope the weather holds for tomorrow.

I do love a cold Thanksgiving Day, perfect crisp air to have the turkey roasting in the oven and play a good game of football in the backyard."

Speaking of football in the backyard, my guys just came in from a romping game and this is my baby. Big Lug gave him a knee to the nose. Nice. (Big Lug = Calvin)

Well, time to get dinner in the oven. Thanks so much for stopping by, do come again, anytime.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Welcome to Our Home

Yes, we got the country house. I mean how could we resist. The boys fell in love with the yard, all three of them. And I fell in love with the front porch and sunroom.

Many helped us move in. My sister flew in that night and the remainder of her visit was spent having fun unpacking and getting things done.

Then my parents flew in for more helpful days and fun.

It is slowly becoming home.

God has been good to us. And we could not have done this without the love of faithful friends and wonderful family. We love you guys!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm Busy Right Now, Please Leave a Message After the Beep

I can't blog right now, I'm too busy organizing the hall closet. Must run to staples and get more label tape.

Will be back this week, I promise. With pictures. Try to control your excitement.

Friday, November 6, 2009


So we recently moved. We now live in a neighborhood. We were a little nervous about living in a neighborhood.

On our second day we were driving out of the driveway when three ladies walked up and wanted to meet us. They brought us goodies and a map. A map that had all the houses around us with the neighbors names and their phone numbers. Precious.

Two days after that we got another package on the porch, goodies and a homemade card with a welcoming message from another neighbor and their phone number as well.

We think we're gonna like this neighborhood thing.

Then two days ago, a neighbor got a little overly friendly by taking up camp on our front porch. This is getting a little ridiculous.

Would you like another picture? Here you go.

There is something seriously wrong with this. If I wasn't so dog-gone tired, I'd demand that we move.

But at least he decorated for Christmas.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Last Time

As we locked the door today one last time, I had the boys sit on the steps so I could take one last picture of them on these steps. These precious steps.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On the Third Day of Birthday He Got a Little Smackdown

Since I can't think of anything clever to write on this third day of Sweetie's birthday I'll share with you one of Sweetie's very loving birthday greetings. Our small group at church is all about the love. This is from Julie, for those that know her, yes it was after 10pm.

so the johnson's totally forgot you were all in your newly aquired olderness today and did not say how we are thankful to have such elderly wisdom among our little group, nor how ashamed we are for not buying you one of those canes with a bicycle horn and rear view mirror, and we forgot to buy you some depends and centrum silver vitamins too. sorry you would have felt so loved:) well, we love you oldlie but goldie and if you break any hips we will come visit you:)
here's an old joke in honor of your great age, we truly are amazed you've even made it this far! :)
with timeless love,
the johnson's

‘Sixty is the worst age to be,’ said the 60-year-old man. ‘You always
feel like you have to pee and most of the time you stand there and nothing comes out.’
‘Ah, that’s nothin,’ said the 70-year-old. ‘When you’re seventy, you don’t have a bowel movement any more. You take laxatives, eat bran, sit on the toilet all day and nothin’ comes out!’
‘Actually,’ said the 80-year -old, ‘Eighty is the worst age of all.’
‘Do you have trouble peeing, too?’ asked the 60-year old.
‘No, I pee every morning at 6:00. I pee like a racehorse on a flat rock; no problem at all.’
‘So, do you have a problem with your bowel movement?’
‘No, I have one every morning at 6:30.’
Exasperated, the 60-year-old said, ‘You pee every morning at 6:00 and crap every morning at 6:30. So what’s so bad about being 80?’
‘I don’t wake up until 7:00.’

Classic. Julie you are like a bright shining star that makes us all happy.

Monday, November 2, 2009

To Sushi or Not to Sushi

NOT to Sushi.

It's day two of Sweetie's birthday. I took him to dinner and he chose Sushi. I should not have let him choose.

He's been a couple of times and has told me how good it is and that he just KNOWS I'll love it.

We go. First, he can't remember what he and Jason normally order. Great. So then we try to choose on our own. Mistake. Everything seems to have eel in it. I don't think I like eel. I don't think God intended us to eat eel.

I have to give them credit though, the stuff is beautiful. I wanted to like it. I really did. But the near hurling that followed putting it in my mouth was just too much.

At one point I'm trying to dissect it and eat SOMETHING that I recognize, then I can't pick the dang thing up with my stupid chopstick. This is one of THOSE places that doesn't even give you a fork and then the three ladies were just standing to the side as if mocking me and my lame attempt at chop-sticking.

When I finally stab the thing and plop it into my mouth - I then feign my delight, and fought the urge to spew....I vowed I would never, NEVER eat such morsels again.

I basically ate my edemame, ginger salad and then Sweetie took me to the Dunkin' Donuts for dessert. Ahhhh, a balanced meal.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sweetie the Birthday Boy

This is Sweetie.

Today is his birthday.

He got breakfast in bed with his laptop and his coffee.

We went to church and worshipped.

We came home where he perched himself on the couch all afternoon watching the football game. He ate tacos and drank soda and had his brownie sundae and had snacks and got to burp and scratch without me rolling my eyes.

Then we went to church again.

Then we came home again, where the cat curled up in his lap and fell asleep.

He declared it a perfectly great, very good, fantastic day.