happily ever after: September 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What We've Been Doing

I used to have this listed in the sidebar. But I wanted to have it saved, as a journal of our doings for future remembrance and nostalgia. Your welcome.

My mama and daddy were here for 12 days. It was too much fun. We went to Asheville, NC to visit the Biltmore. We went to Tennessee to visit friends, very fun and relaxing. Spent a day on the lake on a boat, very cool. And laughed A LOT.

We've started back to school. Co-op craziness & busy-ness. Science class in my dining room. Doing math & spanish on the computers. Good times. The boys are having fun, except for when I have them actually do school work, they don't have so much fun with that.

The boys football games have started, so our Saturdays are spent at the park, relaxing (for us, not them) & playing (them, not us) and seeing friends.

Me, being the lover of all things scheduling is trying her hardest to fit everything in, find a doable schedule, not neglect relationships and figure out if loosing weight is really worth a precious time-slot. Blech!

Sunday Blessings

My heart is full.

I awoke this morning to these goobers playing catch in the backyard.

The sun was peeking through, and the coffee was brewing.

We get to go to church this morning, what a privilege.

Happy Sunday everyone. Love you.