happily ever after: Snow

Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is the picture of the 4 inches of snow that we got last night. Yeah, I think the weather people need to be fired! We were SO disappointed here. We had visions of Dad pulling all three of us down the street with his four wheeler while we sat on trashcan lids! We are very classy here. :o) But, all we got was this, and some very sad children.

I know, we freak out a little when the weather report tells us we're going to have snow. Oh my goodness, 4 inches, we'll be snowed in all weekend long. I went on Friday night and stalked up on groceries and puzzles. Got up Saturday morning and made a big breakfast and we all made lists of what fun things we could do while being cooped up indoors. An hour later, we were bored. I called to see what our friends were doing, they were all out doing chores and running errands. You mean, y'all go out in weather like this. Mind you it was just raining and little bit of sleeting. So, yeah, we wised up and took the boys to the book store.
The snow started yesterday afternoon around 3pm and was so absolutely beautiful. We spent the evening at some friends house, eating soup & talking. It was very relaxing. On the way home, which was just a half mile down the street, we turned the high beams on and went a little fast pretending we were going light speed in outer space, with the snow flakes falling like they were, it was great. We were thankful we didn't end up in the ditch and have to explain to anyone how we got there.

We're not going to church this morning. Not really quite sure why. Because of Jay's ear and he doesn't want to freak out any little children. Because we thought we were suppose to be snowed in this weekend. Because, well, other reasons, too, probably. But mostly because Jay didn't want too and I love a chance to play hookey, or is it, hookie, or hokey (no that would go with pokey) anyway, you get the idea.

It's a great day for reading a book, taking a nap, running to the Super Target, watching a GREAT football game, making bread and soup, and ending the night by watching a movie.

Oh and on a different front....I'm getting really good at changing that bandage. My butt tingles still at the sight of it. And I'm able to stand up for the whole time. I get a little queazy, but it passes once a lay down on the bed in the fetal position. He's healing nicely, or at least to my untrained eyes he is. And yesterday he was more back to his normal self. Our favorite thing to do is to make him laugh, it hurts really bad to move his mouth or face. hee-hee....the poor guy.

Anyway, hope y'all have a great game watching day. GO CHARGERS!