happily ever after: our dog

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

our dog

This is Winston. He's three, almost four. He weighs a whole 18 pounds. He's a Shiba-Inu Terrier Mix. He thinks he's a Boxer. Isn't he precious? We've always had Golden Retrievers, they are great family dogs, so loveable and protective and fun. But I wanted a little lap doggie, this is what we got. NOT a Golden Retriever! NOT a lap doggie! He was precious at the pet shop and I made the mistake of bringing the boys with me to pick out my new baby. I was thinking fluffy white Maltese girl doggie with a pink rhinestone carrying bag. Can you just imagine her??? Oh, how I long for the sweet little thing.

Well, I did fall in love with the Winston. He was pretty cute. I took him to obedience training...I like to say that HE flunked....but really it was ME that flunked! (or at least that's what my sweetie says) Anyway, he also became very challenged in the house breaking area as well. In fact he was what the vet called a "submissive pee-er". A normal day in the life of Winston was...

US: Hi, Winston!
WINSTON: drops down and starts peeing

US: (in a softer, kinder voice) Hi, Winston
WINSTON: drops down and starts peeing

VISITOR: Well, hello there buddy
WINSTON: (paws up on the visitor's knees) starts peeing (made it into the shoes normally)

We were very proud of our baby. What a talent he had. But he had to be banned to the front yard, except at night he could come into his crate and enjoy the family from inside his cage. Often times, Dave, would join him.

(here, I tried to insert a picture that we have of Dave inside the dog crate with Winston, we couldn't find it, so just imagine, will you?)

But after we made our trip across the country to move, he became a well trained house broken doggie. He now enjoys his warm crate upstairs in the boys room, a romp around the house all day long and a nice big yard to romp around whenever he chooses. He's very good at letting me know when he wants to go take care of business outside.

He also is very protective. He loves to bark at the neighbor, when he's BBQing on the his own deck. You see, that's a direct violation of our HOA rules! You are not allowed to BBQ on your own deck unless you invite Winston over for a hot dog of his own.

Since we could not keep him from roaming the neighborhood and barking and chasing every big scarry dog, we got an invisible fence for the property. Now it's very fun to hear him "yelp" from the yard when the squirrels go past the fence's perimeter.

He's horrible on a leash. He basically walks Dave. Or drags Dave, however you want to see it. So we got him a harness type of collar, because I just knew that our neighbors were going to turn me in for the choking dog going down the street attached to the little boy. SO now, he looks very fierce in his harness collar. Yes, definately a 'macho-dog'. SO NOT the lap doggie I had envisioned. But he is so loved by us all.

He loves it when I make pancakes and sausage for breakfast, loves it when I'm baking and make a mess of the kitchen floor, loves to get his showers and massage time with Dave, loves to cuddle on the couch during nightly famiy TV viewing, and loves it when MOM remembers to let him out of his cage and feed him!!!!

We love you Winston!

oh, and he wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween.