happily ever after: my poor sweetie

Thursday, January 17, 2008

my poor sweetie

So this is a picture of my sweetie and me. While we were in CA over Christmas we got to go away for a night. We got to visit some of our old favorite stomping grounds and had such a fun night and morning. Anyway, this post isn't about that, it's about his ear, or lack there of. You see, he had skin cancer, okay, it's not the melanoma kind, it's the basal cell kind. But either way, I freak a little every time he goes in and they have to cut a peice out of him. This is the worst though. He had a spot on the ear, you know the little bowl type shape right before you go plunging into the ear canal. Well, they finally realized that it wasn't getting any better and decided to cut away. Yesterday, he had to go under the knife FIVE times. Scrape, wait for the biopsy results, scrape again. ALL DAY LONG! The poor thing came home with one side of his head all bandaged. They got it all, didn't have to go too deep into the ear canal. They did do a skin graph, lucky for sweetie they took the skin from behind his ear. Would have made for a funnier story though, if they'd just taken a piece from his behind.....you KNOW what his nick name would have been then, don't you???? He's so lucky to have me! :o) Anyway, he's in a great deal of pain, and thinks I'm a whimp because I'm having a hard time changing his dressing without needing to run from the room. (yes, I'm sure my mama is having some flash backs) Either way, we're thankful that they caught it in time, we're thankful that the surgery didn't go any deeper, and we're thankful for Tylenol with Codeine. Please pray for a speedy recovery, he doesn't like being the patient...and worse, doesn't like me for a nurse! Marcie do you think you can come all the way out here and do a bandage change????