happily ever after: Winston

Friday, April 24, 2009


Now being our only dog, Winston is getting the special treatment.

I’ve been paying much more loving attention to him. After crying and snuggling with him on Monday, we found out that it had been WAY too long since he’d had a bath. I scrubbed him down really good, gave him his doggy massage, brushed his coat and sprayed a little cologne on him. (he now smells like Real Sexy by Victoria’s Secret) I then cut him a new kerchief to wear around his neck.

So yesterday when Miss Lynne came over for our walk together I decided to take the Winston with us. He did really good on the leash. I was praising him and asked Lynne if she thought he looked handsome in his kerchief???

"Well," she says, "I wasn’t going to say anything, but since you asked, I think he looks kinda gay.”

"GAY?!!!! What the heck do you mean by gay??? Winston doesn’t look gay. YOUR dog looks gay!!!"

At which point we both looked down at her dog........she has a rottweiler.

Yeah, Winston looked a little gay.

This is our boy, Winston in his Gay kerchief.

ah, such a cutie-patootie.