happily ever after: An Apology

Monday, April 27, 2009

An Apology

After throwing my husband under the bus, as he calls it, I have been asked to post an embarrassing post about myself. But, alas, there won’t be any pictures because, I hold the camera, I control the blog, and I’m not that stupid.

Just imagine, if you will, knit pajama pants tucked into Jay’s socks, that by morning time looks a lot like MC Hammer pants. Long sleeved tshirt with thumbs tucked in the wrists. Bright pink earplugs. Turquoise sleep mask over my eyes, night bite guard, hair knotted on top of my head like a sumo wrestler.

I'm a vision, it's a wonder he can sleep.

So apparently I offended my husband by posting and saying such rude things about him. But then I looked pretty good after the very nice comments that were said about him. And don’t worry I made it all better with him; waffles, eggs & a cup of hot coffee…like putty in my hands, he was.

Yes, I'm very aware that I'm lucky he married me.