happily ever after: In Memoriam

Monday, April 20, 2009

In Memoriam

Daisy Mae 2008 - 2009

We lost sweet little Daisy Mae today. She was sadly hit by a car. She was gone instantly so we are comforted that she didn't suffer. Uncle Don came and dealt with me and helped since Jay was too far away. The boys weren't home, so they were spared some images. Sweetie was very sweet and buried her in the forest where I can see her from my kitchen window. Dave was tore up just thinking that it could have easily been Winston. Calvin felt guilty that he didn't spend more time with her, but he kissed her goodbye before Jay took her away. I'm dealing with my guilt of not training her better and not spending the time with her that I should have after wanting her so bad. We are watching a movie, snuggled on the couch, hugging the Winston and Kitty.

Thank you to my sweet friends that called and loved on us, you are treasures. We will miss her. Her playing tag with us as we walked outside. Her tormenting the Winston until he nipped at her, and then she'd go back for more. Her waiting by the door for the kitty to be let out and then would pin her in a wrestling move that many would be envious of. Her snuggly soft fur. How very sweet she was.

We will miss her.