happily ever after: Gas

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So, yesterday I went to the doctor because I've been having heart palpitations for about a month now. I've tried cutting out caffeine, sugar, stress (yeah, that one was easy), over exerting myself (I'm sure you've noted my love of the nap)...anything I could think of. But still had them. Mostly at night but sometimes I'd feel it throughout the day.

They did an EKG and listened and probed and all seemed to be fine. I'll be doing one of those lovely Holter Monitors sometime this week, whenever I can get ahold of the cardiologist. This is so fun.

But this morning while talking it over with a sweet friend, we decided it could very well be acid reflux. Huh. So then I had to tell Sweetie about our 'light bulb moment'. And he just laughs.

Sweetie: 'What do I always say?'
Me: 'Yeah, whatever, it's gas.'

Yep, people that's his answer for everything. Since Calvin was first born and had those lovely fits of rage around dinner time, Jay was sure it was just gas, he needed to poop. Sure enough, gas, constipation. Dave gets some sort of fever, Jay would ask...'when was the last time the kid pooped?' Sure enough, the kid just needed to poop. Any kind of ailment the kids would have, his answer was to go sit on the pot.

Me on the other hand, the boys felt something weird, I'd tell them to go drink a glass of water. My answer for everything that ails you is, you're not getting enough water. An avid water drinker myself, I think it's why I enjoy such immense health. Yeah right, now I'm thinking maybe I just need to poop. Lovely.

For those that can't believe I just talked about poop on my blog, just think how my mother feels right now. She's sure she raised me with better manners. Sorry Mama, it's all Jay's fault, he's completely ruined me.