happily ever after: Our Life is Very Boring.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our Life is Very Boring.

We are not very interesting these days. Sorry. I know my bloggity posts are not very interesting. Nothing really funny has been going on in our lives.

We are having a lot of fun though. This is the weekend of sports. Last night, Calvin's basketball game. Today he started his spring football season. Then Dave had his basketball game. Tomorrow, Dave starts his baseball season. It's too much fun. Good thing Jay & I love doing this sort of thing.

Dave and I waiting for Calvin at his practice.

See, we were VERY bored.

Dave has taken over my phone and is now very proficient at texting EVERYONE! My dad now thinks that my phone is Dave's and just when I think he's callin' me, nope, he's callin' for the Dave. Oh, and sorry Granny Betty..didn't know you didn't have that texting thing on your phone. You can send us the bill. I meant to have Dave call you back, but then we got busy putting ketchup on our hotdogs. Will have him call you tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers.

Jay & Calvin are in this football crowd somewhere. I was battling a really bad headache most of the day, so I didn't feel like getting up and walking closer so you could get a better look. Let's just pretend you can see them, okay?

Here's hoping something fun happens soon, so y'all have somethin' fun to read about. Tomorrow's Sunday, have a blessed day.