happily ever after: Thankful on a Thursday

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thankful on a Thursday

1. Easter week, a time to reflect and remember what my Savior did for me.

2. My Sweetie. So handsome and fun. I'm so thankful that he loves me so much.

3. After spending so much time with Dave while he was sick, it's been a nice week of focusing more on Calvin. We're so thankful to God for the young man he's growing into. And he's so pickin' handsome, dang.

4. The wonderful fellowship we have with our friends from church. They are so special and precious to us.

5. The playdate that Dave had with Mr. Johnnie-Pants. We left Calvin at Nick's house to 'hang' (they're too old to have a playdate, they just 'hang') but the giggles and fun the Dave and Johnnie had was too cute.

6. Buying the packages of little yellow peeps at the store. Those things just make me smile. I always make a trail of them from the boy's beds to their Easter baskets on Easter mornings...it's too fun to see them find their baskets with yellow marshmallowey ooze comin' outta their mouths. Of course last year, I put them out the night before and by the morning, the ants had found them...Dave didn't even notice...lovely, a little extra protein for the kid.

7. For the next two days Sweetie and the boys are doing ALL the yard work. Cutting the grass, trimming, planting, mulching the beds...I can't wait!

8. The boys have been doing really well with school the last couple of weeks. With being out of school for so much last month because of sickness, they've really surprised me with their attitudes, efforts and grades.

9. Spring is here. Everything looks a little more green, though the forest hasn't filled in yet. And I'm still thankful even though the pollen from the pine trees is falling and covering everything, the whole town is covered in this thick yellow fog, and the allergy meds are on the kitchen counter. But we're still thankful.

10. Sitting in the lab yesterday with the boys and having all kinds of conversations with everyone that was sitting in there waiting. This is what I LOVE about living here, everywhere you go, people strike up conversations with you, it's SO comforting to me.

Hope you are being thankful this week.