happily ever after: My Miserable Husband

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Miserable Husband

So we live in a very 'bad allergy' area. Sweetie's started about two weeks ago, and he's down for the count. He refuses to let me take him to the doctor so he can, say, get some decent meds and stop moaning and groaning to us. No he'd rather we ALL partake of his misery. He's really nice like that.

So since he has to work, and most of it is outside, and then he has to come home and take one or both boys to an outside sport practice, this is how he outfits himself now.

Hat with flaps, breathing mask, and goggles. He's a vision, and he's all mine, girls. That's right, you just keep away, you can't have him. I feel sorry for y'all having to be tempted in such a way. You poor things.