happily ever after: Thankful Thursday Morning

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday Morning

1. The quiet time I have in my favorite chair in the morning.

2. Dave hugged me first this morning. Then quickly grabbed HIS (my) phone to check who called him.

3. The 100 kisses I gave him on his soft cheek.

4. Getting Sweetie's eggs perfect this morning. (that doesn't happen very often)

5. Getting 10 hours of sleep last night, ah the bliss!!!!!!!!!!

6. The kitty-kitty staring at me through the glass front door after I raised the shade, I just love seeing his face waiting for me there every morning. He comes in for his breakfast, then curls up on our bed for his nap.

7. The sun is out and filtering through the trees, the new spring bright green is starting to come out, filling in the forest.....absolutely beautiful.

8. Memories of dinner last night with my sweetie, we had such a good time, laughing, complaining, talking, discussing, formulating plans, making faces. He's such a hoot. He even let me have the best bite of his herb crusted salmon (I just love that stuff). We both had been craving Olive Garden all day, so when it came time to pick a place for dinner, it was a no brainer. Salad, yum. Breadsticks, yummo. The chicken lasagna rollatini thingy on special, so scrumptious and enough left over for my lunch today. Sweetie had my favorite, the salmon. Got dessert, cuz' I'd been good all day...those delectable Italian donut thingys. And a cup of coffee...it doesn't get any better than that! Though I do have a hard time going there without thinking of Sara and how much I miss her.

9. Enjoying my cup of coffee while sitting in the sun coming through the window. Love having a laptop.

10. Sewing yesterday with a sweet friend, on my sister's mother-in-law's sewing machine, love that retro thing. It sits in my grandmother's sewing cabinet, she was helpful in teaching me to sew when I was little on that very cabinet, she's gone now, and my heart aches for her, so it was really sweet to sit there yesterday and sew and miss her.

Hope you are thankful for today. Blessings to y'all.