happily ever after: Some Recent Pictures

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some Recent Pictures

Please be advised that though this is normally a PG rated site, this particular post has some nudity in it. It could not be avoided, I am sorry. Please use your discretion in allowing your children to view it as I would not want to be blamed for their innocent eyes being tainted.

I found this army man, looking in on me on the counter. He is in watch mode here, I was very worried. What is he looking for? How did he find out about me?

Then I realized that it was actually a SOLDIER DOWN, quick call a medic, soldier down, soldier down! It might have been my cooking.

And this, is me, working in the kitchen. I love that i don't have any pants on, that is often how I work in the kitchen. I also love that I have short black hair.

And for those that heard about some nudity and quickly scrolled down to find it, shame on you....shame.

My life would be so sad if it weren't for the little treasures my boys leave for me.