happily ever after: 8 Things

Thursday, April 16, 2009

8 Things

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To...

-helping set up for Ladies Nite Out at the church tomorrow. then going to lunch with Kathleen & Stephanie.

-my cup of coffee in the morning, i'm really craving it right now, but it's too late to have it.

-when the pollen is done falling.

-Ladies Nite Out at the church tomorrow night. a table filled with some of my favorite ladies.

-taking a shower tonight, i've had a hat on all day and i can't wait to wash my hair.

-snuggling with sweetie, while we see who was eliminated on Idol last night.

-my next visit to CA to see my family.

-the smell of cut grass this saturday.

8 Things I Did Yesterday...

-worked out at the gym.

-talked to my bookkeeper.

-went on a date with Sweetie.

-scrubbed my shower.

-sewed a tablecloth.

-had a good laugh on the phone with a good friend.

-ate really healthly (until dinner)

-cut all my fingernails off (because i broke one)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...

-lose weight.

-afford to put in a pool and back deck on the house.

-trade my car back in for my old minivan (what was I thinking???)

-be cured from my depression & anxiety.

-be a better mom to the boys.

-go back to college.

-run a business that would make lots of money for Jay so he could retire and take up golfing everyday.

-have lunch with my mom & sister tomorrow.

8 Shows I Really Enjoy...

-Friday Night Lights

-Friends (re-runs)

-Burn Notice

-House Hunters


-The Unit

-Army Wives

-Samantha Who?

8 People I Tag...

anyone who reads this, that hasn't already done this, that wants too...feel free! :o)