happily ever after: A Tour of the Living Room

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Tour of the Living Room

Welcome to the living room. Come on in, curl up on the sofa, let's have some tea and chat awhile.

This is the view as you step in the front door. Yes, we bought leather couches about 4 years ago. I don't like them. But Sweetie and the boys love them. When it came time that we got to finally buy real grown up furniture, Sweetie just let me handle it, his only request was that they wouldn't be flowered. I knew he'd always wanted leather, so I got these. He was thrilled. They are VERY comfy, but I like nice cozy chenille, warm and cozy chenille. He promises me that whenever he gets his 'man cave' built he'll move them into that room and I'll get to go buy some cozy sofas.

This is our foyer. I know, very impressive. Everyone is intimidated by our massive foyer. Don't be timid, we're still just regular people. The cat barfed here last night. See, regular people. Oh and yes, please take your shoes off and leave them in the basket, thanks.

Our entertainment armoire, it's where all the fun happens. Big TV. Wii gamer. Schooling VCR. Clear Play VCR. Too much fun in one cabinet. Oh, and yes, I love quilts. The top one was made by my great-grandmother on my mama's side the next one is actually two, that were made by my favorite grandmother. See that cute little white bicycle on top of the cabinet, my friend Theresa gave that to me for my birthday, it's so cute, but I had to put it up there because Dave kept trying to get on it and do mario kart around the living room.

This shows the little hallway to the office, guest room/sitting room and guest bathroom. We'll call it the west wing (I don't even know if that's the direction it is on the house, I just like thinking we might have a 'wing'.)

This was my grandmother's sewing machine table, she taught me how to sew. And those are the doors leading to the screened porch and deck, or what we call 'Spiderville'. Care to join us for a BBQ?

Standing at that little hallway to the 'west wing' and seeing the dining room. It's all just one big great room, which makes it nice for family together time. Or maybe not so nice when you're tired of your family and want a little space, not that that has ever been me though. Nope.

And this is the view standing by the porch doors looking back at the front door. See all the white blankets on the corners of the couches...those are for us to curl up with every night. We each have our own spot to sit and we never change and our own blanket and pillow. It's all about the comfort here, and yes, Jay and I normally scoot the ottoman over and share it, isn't that romantic?

As you can see I like wreaths and lamps and pictures of my little boys oh, and look, there are some more water pitchers.

This is our fireplace. We love that it's gas and that we don't have to build fires anymore. Even though I was a girl scout and could totally build a fire if I had to, I don't have to, I just flip the switch and enjoy the glow.

Thanks for visiting. Y'all come back, ya hear?