happily ever after: 7 Glorious Days in California

Thursday, June 4, 2009

7 Glorious Days in California

They were glorious all except the fact that I was 3000 miles from my three favorite guys, that being said, here's the fun that I had...

The reason for my trip was for my OLDER sister's 40th birthday. It doesn't happen till later this month, but this was the week she had off work, we opted to plan my trip for some time when I could actually hang with her for the most time. For this reason I spent the first three days nights at her house. It was too much fun.

SATURDAY: She and Lancie picked me up and took me straight away to rolled taco & guacamole heaven, El Indio. I made them be quiet while I savored every morsel.

They were great hosts, I had a lot of fun staying with them and then my parents would come down during the days. I loved raiding their pantry for scrumptious morsels, having coffee in the morning while watching TV, my brother in law's hilarious sense of humor, stealing jewelry from my niece, Mallory, picking on her driving and finding out she drives just like me, just hanging out and relaxing.

The highlight of staying with them is their fuzzy little dog. He is the ultimate in dog perfection.

They spoiled me with making sure I didn't spend any money & by feeding me all my favorite foods. Thanks guys.

SUNDAY: Visiting their sweet new church, check them out if you're ever in the area.

MONDAY: Shopping on Memorial Day. Taking a family day drive up and all around San Diego. Seeing all the flags at Rosecrans and visiting the burial site of Lance's Dad. Dinner at China Camp, too yummy.

TUESDAY: Walking the model homes with Auntie Joyce and having Rubio's for lunch.

Visiting with my Grandmother, made her cry when I left and felt so bad that I'm so far away and don't take the time to call her more often.

Dinner and talking for hours with my Mom-in-Law.

WEDNESDAY: Walking with Sara and Gia, dang girls, 4 miles, it was the best. Coffee and painting toenails while watching the today show at Sara's. Seeing her kids and them not being completely mad at me for not bringing the boys. Hugging her mom's neck. A scrumptious late lunch at Bucca De Beppo, so yummers. Shopping, getting lost in Old Navy, iced coffee at just the right time, Clinique bonus days at Nordstrom, and lots of catching up.

Sleeping in my old room, at the best bed & breakfast in the world, my mama & daddy's, if you're ever in the area...well, you're on your own, that's my room. Having my mama's cookin' again. Double yummers.

THURSDAY: Redecorating my niece's room while she was at school. Dinner and a movie all snuggled in the family room with my parents.

FRIDAY: Last meal together at Studio Diner, it's become a tradition, we go there before they drop me off at the airport. It's the only time I remembered to dig my camera out. Sorry, I realize it makes this post a little boring.

I had such a relaxing and fun time, I don't remember when I've laughed so much. It was so good to get home. It's always bittersweet, I'm excited to get home, but don't want to leave those that I love so far away.