happily ever after: Happy Birthday, Marcie!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Marcie!!!

Today is my OLDER sister's birthday. She's 40 today. She'll try to tell you that she's actually the younger sister, but everyone knows the truth, she's old. I'm not, I'm still just 37.

This is her again, she wasn't always this cute, see below.

The cheesey grin, she might have been a ham. The lovely pants that I think my mother made. Nice.

There's that cheesey grin again, and I KNOW my mom made that nightgown. I totally remember that bouncy Mickey Mouse. Oh and there's her Mrs. Beasley doll, she loved that thing, and I was VERY jealous of it, I always wanted one.

See, she liked me, this is her greeting me when I came home from the hospital. She was the epitome of a great big sister.

Not quite a grin, more like an uncomfortable something in her pants, and the pants, wow, not quite sure what to say about those things, except it might explain some phobias we have of letting our Mom do our clothes shopping.

Yep, she's pretty much the cute one. And she knows it. Totally annoying.

Seriously Mama, did you not love us? Though I'm thinking that if I still had those pants I'd probably have a better golf game.

Marcie's the best older sister a girl could have.

She spoke for me for the first three years of my life, making sure I wasn't left out of having any dessert or anything. She never said anything mean to me, though she might've written it in her diary, not that I looked. Tried to teach me her mean dance moves, to no avail. Was always willing to give me her hand-me-downs. Put up with my obnoxious phone conversations with Sweetie when we were in High School. Let me drive before I had my license. And bawled like a baby when she got married because she was going to miss me. :o) I loved that one.

She's super-duper funny and silly and we always have fun together. She's a great Mom to my niece and the crazy Auntie that always tries to kiss my boys. Love you Marcie, thanks for being so wonderful, hope you're having a great day!