happily ever after: Dunder-Head Dena

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dunder-Head Dena

Again, I'm just here to make you feel better about yourself.

Not long ago, I joined facebook. I had no clue what I was doing or what it was all about. (that's my excuse)

Shortly there after I received a special message that someone had a crush on me. Well OF COURSE I clicked on it, dying to find out who my secret admirer was (had NO idea WHAT I was going to do with the information). Somehow, I ended up giving them my cell phone number (yes, I'm aware I need to take some 'safety on the internet' course)

Well, as you can guess, I really don't have a secret admirer, no one has a crush on me (surprise, surprise). But I'm now getting texts everyday that tell me nice little flirting tips and 'how to keep my boyfriend' tips. (very helpful, to this happily married mother of two)

So today Sweetie had to call Verizon to get some stuff taken care of on his phone. The nice helpful lady went over the whole account with him and noticed that there were some extra charges on my number. So he got me on the phone so she could walk me through taking it off. Turns out that $9.99 fee on my bill last month was not David having too much fun on my cell phone, it was those lovely flirting texts. So then I felt like a total gooober when I had to explain to this lady AND TO MY HUSBAND what it was and how it got there. Geesh!

So we got it all taken off, I will no longer get those helpful tips, and then Sweetie had her put a block on my phone so I can't 'accidentally' do it again. What am I 13? Apparently so.