happily ever after: Shoe Shopping

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shoe Shopping

So I had to take Calvin to Kohl's today to get him some new shoes. Seriously, this guy has GOT to stop growing. He wears a bigger shoe than his dad and he's just 13...where did this Gigantor come from???

He also needed some new clothes. So while he was in trying on all his clothes, Dave and I amused ourselves by trying on shoes. (Okay, really I amused myself by trying on shoes, Dave amused himself by playing real-life mario kart with the shopping buggy, lovely.)

These were the first ones I tried. I just loved them. I asked Dave. He said they weren't my style. I told him I wanted to change my style. He said that was just too bad. I told him I wanted to start being a hoochy-mama. He said, 'wha?'. Nevermind.

What do you think? Jay will love them. My feet didn't quite like them, and I just walked 10 feet. Then when I fell over and slammed into a display I thought perhaps I should set my sights on something a little more practical.

Well, let's not go crazy! These totally remind me of something my sister would wear. (And don't try to deny it, Marcie, you know it's totally true!)

These are cute. And they are totally comfortable. I wish they had them in the brown or black in my size, but all they had was this obnoxious color, that Dave kept saying no to. Whatever!

I used to wear these types of shoes all the time in high school. Dave loved these. But I was afraid I'd give Jay flashbacks, and not in a good way. But aren't they cute? They feed my inner child that wishes my parents didn't abuse me by making me quit ballet lessons. I could've gone far.

I found some totally cute bright color beaded t-strap sandals that looked really cool with my hippie jean capris I was sportin' today, but I couldn't get my big size 8 horse toes into them, and Dave quickly grabbed them and put them back. It was really sad, kind of like Cinderella's step-sisters trying on the glass slipper, not a pretty sight. Oh well.

OH, check out these! These were totally comfy and reminded me of the shoes I used to wear when I taught pre-school and wore denim jumpers. Talk about torturing Jay with flashbacks. I'll never forget the day he begged me to PLEASE get rid of all those horrible dresses. The man has no style.

These, these are gorgeous. I loved these. Very comfy. Very cute. Passed the Dave test. (very important) They might find themselves in my closet very soon.

And then.... hello friend.... like butter between my toes. Ah!!! And they were on sale!

Let me just say, I didn't buy any shoes for myself today, but please don't ask me tomorrow, as Sweetie is leaving town for a week and you know there is nothing that comforts like a new pair of shoes.

Can I get an Amen?