happily ever after: I'm Just Here To Help You Feel Better About Yourself

Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm Just Here To Help You Feel Better About Yourself

It's confession time. Your welcome.

Tuesday, May 12th, I'm driving Jay's truck down Capitol Blvd and a cop nabs me and pulls me over. Yes sir? No sir. I'm so sorry sir. My that's a nice hat you're wearing. No sir. I'm so sorry sir. Thank you for my lovely pink ticket. You have a nice day too.


Monday, May 18th, I'm driving Jay's truck (anyone see the problem here?) down the street by the college and a cop nabs again and pulls me over. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! No mam. I'm sorry mam. Yes mam. I'm so sorry I'm crying. Thank you for another lovely pink ticket. Oh lookie there, my court dates are on the same day, that's convenient. No, mam. Thank you very much. You have a nice day too.

I drive the rest of the way home a blubbering mess. I am completely mortified, feeling like a total loser. How can I face Jay? What do I tell him? How can I blame this on his truck? What kind of example am I setting for the boys?

Jay doesn't believe me and then gets real quiet and then tells me that I should slow down (thanks Einstein) and then tells me there is no sense cryin' over spilt milk (that's when I start crying harder). Calvin is very sympathetic. Dave gives me a good laugh and then is looking around not quite sure what to do.

It takes me two whole days until I finally can laugh about it and look anyone in the eye.

I have my hair done by my friend Kathleen three days later and she's apologizing that she didn't warn me about the cops in our town. I'm thinking I can blame this whole thing on her now. She calls me later to tell me that her husband said I could do my community service hours at his Boys & Girls Club. Thanks Jason, you're the best!

I'm totally fearful they are going to take my license away. When we moved here to NC I remember some sort of traffic ticket rule on the driver's test that said something about three tickets in three years and license being taken away. I mean really, I'm not THAT kind of person, so I didn't need to remember THAT rule.

We now honk and wave at all the nice cops in town, hoping they won't see the bumper sticker on my car that says 'pull this one over, she's probably done something illegal lately'.

I leave days later for my trip to CA feeling better and able to laugh about it.


You'd think the story ended there, but it doesn't, it just gets better.

A week later I get a comment on my facebook page from a friend that says she saw my name in the local paper...twice...that my parents would be so proud and would i like her to cut it out and save it for me? I'm all flattered, thinking I'm famous, they probably caught me at the National Day of Prayer ceremony in town, how fun. I ask her what I'm in there for. She replies back... ' um, police report. '


Then follows several comments back and forth of her telling me the details. Not only is all of facebook world now privy to this lovely information but apparently my local sweet small town newspaper thinks its a great idea and wouldn't people enjoy some slow news day reading with a posting of all the speeders and their tickets. Yep, my full name, my address, what I did is listed in my paper. Thanks Sylvia for pointing this out to me, I was needing to be humbled, yet again.

I was wondering why people were looking at me with smirks on their faces at church on Sunday. Lovely.

I posted this for anyone who wrongly thinks I may have it all together, or even thinks my life is a bowl of cherries.

Hope you enjoyed! :o)

oh and this is just a little added bonus...since Calvin was gone this past week at camp I had to take up the role as the 'cat-sitter-uponer'....this is him...massaging my fluff till he could get it just right so he could lay down upon it. It took him FOREVER!

Have a great weekend!