happily ever after: Another Welcome Interruption

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Welcome Interruption

The Track Meet for Runner's Camp was way too much fun. Here are some pics to share with ya.

This the Davester throwing the javelin. Can you see him? He's pretty small. I was about to die from heat stroke so the picture isn't the best. He placed 3rd in the javelin.

This is Mr. Handsome. Or maybe Mr. Stinky at this point.

This is when he was getting ready to start the mile. Look how focused he is, but yet relaxed. He's very well trained. He takes after him mama.

Lap one, still focused and having fun.

Lap two, focused and not payin' attention to his mama yelling on the sidelines.

Lap three, he's starting to look tired, not so happy anymore.

This is where it happened. This is him crossing the finish line. I was a loser mom and wasn't right there by the line. And that other kid that you see crossing the line with him, yeah, that kid was part of the pack that Dave lapped. Lapped, people, LAPPED.

They lined the kids up like this when they came in so they could keep track of where they placed. And this is the point where I realized that Dave looks like he's going to hurl. And I'm praying he just moves away from the coach's shoes.

Oh whew, he's okay. No hurlin' in the coach's shoes.

And this is him 'trying' to walk off the field to get his ribbon. This is what he walked like all week. An old man. Too funny. Poor thing.

Sorry for the dark horrible picture, this is Dave doing the hurdles. After I snapped this I started screaming and running down the line with him. He had such a lead and didn't hit one hurdle. He placed 1st in this one too.

And then I was gone for the 800m and forgot to leave my camera with Sue. But he got 1st place and later he got a lecture from me about letting someone else win now and then.

Even though the heat was killin' us, it was too much fun. It's fun to see all sorts of parents and friends that you don't get to see but at these things once a year or maybe, if you're lucky, you'll run into them at Target. Sylvia and I got to see each other, though I don't remember any of our conversation due to the fact that I was dying of heat stroke. I sat with lots of people from our church. And then at the end I was on the field along the track with my friend Sue laughin' it up.

Good times.