happily ever after: The Master Suite

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Master Suite

Welcome to our Master Suite, this is where all the magic happens, and of course all the napping.

Sweetie got us this furniture for our 16th wedding anniversary. This is my dresser and quiet time corner, my sweet $25 chair that is so cozy for sitting and being quiet with the Lord.

On top of my dresser sits this favorite photo of the boys. Our first trip to Disneyland with them. They were 5 and 3 and they did so great, and it was so much fun to see the 'Happiest Place On Earth' through their eyes. A precious day with just the four of us. My perfume bottles sitting atop a cake plate, and a sweet little box from Sara to hold treasures.

This is the bookcase that holds all of my books. We found this years ago at an estate sale. Those are the doors going into the bathroom.

Our wedding photo, yes, my dress was very big. It was the early 90's people, it was very gorgeous at the time. Can you see the rather large bow on my backside? It was lovely.

Sweetie's side of the room with his dresser, see it's tall, I can't even see into those top drawers, who knows what secrets lurk in there.

My favorite picture of Jay, lookin' so handsome on our wedding day.

This is Sweetie's favorite photo of us, we were on a cruise for his 40th birthday.

My side of the room.

This photo was a gift I gave to Sweetie when we were just dating. It is entitled 'Sweethearts', which is what Jay always calls me. And the boy is giving the girl strawberries, which Jay often did when we were dating. This photo has always hung in our bedroom.

And this is my favorite wedding photo, they were all so posed but this one was purely us, him kissing my hand and me just loving it.

The master bathroom, this tub is such a blessing to have. And that's the 'water closet', not quite sure why they call it that, I certainly don't go in there for the water, though I do sometimes find the cat in there getting a drink.

This is Sweetie's side of the bathroom. His stuff is not normally all put away, I go through everyday and put it all back in the basket, and then he brings it all out and leaves it all over the counter. Sheesh, men!

And this is my side of the counter, I'd like to think that I don't have that much stuff on the counter, but I'm just way to high maintenance to not have a counter full of 'neccessities'.

And this is the funniest part of this room, doesn't every house have some quirky thing? This is ours. It's the robe hook on the back of the bathroom door, I don't really want to change it, I've grown accustomed to seeing it every morning, especially the green rhinestone eyeballs. Very charming.