happily ever after: what we've been up to lately

Friday, October 5, 2012

what we've been up to lately

we've been on school break, so nice. the boys have played with friends a lot...sorry, 'hung out' with friends, A LOT. sweetie was gone for a whole 7 days, boo. i watched the two seasons of downton abbey, AGAIN...ah the wonderful bliss that is Downton Abbey! while on break the boys have gotten to work with sweetie a little bit again. and i got a text mid-day yesterday from dave saying that dad was being mean to him, i told him it was dad's joy to get to harass his sons, don't steal it from him.

(sorry it's all grainy, i was trying to not disturb this precious moment. the baby was glad to have his dad home.)

calvi is learning the guitar, started in the spring, he's pretty good now, love to hear him practice. apparently he plays at night when dave is trying to go to sleep, such a nice big brother.

(me being glad that sweetie is home. us playing footsies over our morning coffee.)

dave lost ONE of his cleats for football, seriously, that kid, how does he lose ONE shoe, ugh. football hasn't been as exciting this year, i don't know why, sweetie could probably explain it better than me. calvi has had several weekends of double-headers, which is un-heard of in football...but he's a trooper. dave hasn't gotten to play as much since he's moved up to jv as apposed to being in the youth league, bummer, of course with only one shoe, you can't expect the coach to use him much. goober.

(while taking dave clothes shopping, i was VERY bored waiting for him...apparently the only thing i know how to take a picture of is my feet.)

we are trying to win the 'yard of the month' sign in our neighborhood. we are trying really hard. though right now there could be monkies living in the yard, someone needs to mow. and i threaten each month to go steal that sign and put it in my yard. i think we might just make our own sign 'almost as good as the yard of the month'. i wonder if i staked winston in the front yard if it would help our chances. i think so.

(just started reading this book, love it.)

work has picked up for both companies, and we are thankful once again. we are also thankful that God has blessed us so much during this economy downturn, though we have lost much, we have also been able to stay afloat and have paid off so much business debt so far and we know it is all because of His many blessings. so thankful.

we've joined a co-op this year. this homeschoolin' mama hasn't ever done a co-op because that means i would have to help teach something, and let's face it, i would only be qualified to teach recess or snack or NAP! well, since the boys are now in high school (calvin is a junior and dave is a sophomore) i needed extra help with their classes and a friend totally talked me into joining her co-op and promised they wouldn't throw me into anything too heavy my first year...yeah, i'm doing Chemistry. seriously people. well, i grade a bunch for the other classes, i help in elementary art (which means i'm taking an elementary art class) and i'm in Chemistry. but we finally found one of the dad's that's all mr. smarty pants to come in and 'teach'. all i have to do is all the administrative stuff, whew, that was a close one. and we are LOVING this co-op. such precious peoples. and the boys have such a heavy work load, i finally feel like i'm doing right by them and they will be fully prepared for college. hopefully.

(another try at instagram, a self portrait. awkward.)

i have spent good quality time organizing areas around this home and have been having so much fun doing it. i will show you all that later on. i'm sure you're just beside yourself in anticipation.

now it's time to get going on my day of getting dave to do his chores and me just over seeing from my easy chair with my cup of coffee in hand. wish me luck.