happily ever after: Funny Pictures

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Funny Pictures

Schnoogie Bear trying for his smolder. Oh I could just kiss him.

Calvi-Poo in one of his famous faces. He's so handsome.

We were all at dinner, something was said, and I made this face...they all completely got quiet then burst out laughing. Sweetie finally told me, I looked like Shrek's wife. I didn't talk to them the rest of the night. But seriously, I kinda do.

Sweetie shaved the chin part off his goatee one morning...freaky looking isn't he. He insisted on going to church like this. I'm surprised the pastor could still preach. Ugh.

This is what the animals do each morning, while we are trying to enjoy our morning coffee. Goober pets.

What the 'HAIL'!!! mahahahahahaha!

This is my son's key chain. Hilarious. Whenever I have to drive his truck, I crack up with all the lego men bopping around from the steering wheel.