happily ever after: River Walk

Monday, October 15, 2012

River Walk

After a long week of Sweetie working really hard and me missing him terribly. Just the two us got away on Saturday morning for a little walk along the River Trail.

I absolutely love fall, but I appreciate it so much more now, after enduring long hot and humid summers where the evenings and mornings are just as sultry. Now I get to enjoy the cool crisp morning air of fall and the cool breezes at night.

It was so beautiful this particular morning...

The sad part was that I had to go potty at the 1-1/2 mile marker and had to turn around and 'very fastily' hasten back the 1-1/2 to where the bathroom was. Our new rule, Dena must go potty BEFORE we start on our walk. Nice.

We had football in Greensboro on Saturday night, Dave got a spankin' but he did get to be running back and made a touch down. We were all frozen by the time we left, but we got to enjoy a yummy pizza dinner with some precious friends in front of a cozy fire at a hole in the wall restaurant. Too fun.

Sunday was church, a cookout on the green with our small group & a precious Lord's Supper meeting in the evening.

This is my guys, on the way out the door for church. Dave is wearing Sweetie's shoes and Sweetie is wearing Calvin's pants. I just thought it was too funny. (and Dave's hands are blurry cuz he was in a rubber band shooting craze. Goober.)