happily ever after: Randomness

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This would be Dave during warm-ups before the game on Saturday. You can't tell very well with this picture what he's wearing. Starting at the bottom. Green cleats. Bright purple tall socks. White pants. Yellow & blue jersey. Hot pink arm bands. Such a fashion statement. Clearly we don't have enough uniform regulations in this league.

Monday morning found the boys back to school work, much to their delight.

We got a LOT of rain on Monday and some frigid temperatures. I found this bug in our driveway. These things drive me nuts, especially when I see them in the house. ESPECIALLY when they decide to hide in my clothes and crawl across my belly at 6am when I'm trying to get dressed quietly!

Decided to surprise the boys with a Sonic Run yesterday. Very happy boys.

A few weeks ago I finally did something to the big plain wall in the sunroom. With the idea from my Mama, this didn't cost me a thing. I found the mats and frames in storage. I love projects like that. They are different Currier & Ives prints. I love Currier & Ives prints.

While the boys were at football, this is what I got to cuddle with while watching my TV shows last night. Ok, not exactly cuddle, but every now and then he'd let me pet him with my toe. Such a nice doggie.

My poor sweetie works such long days. He finally came down from the office around 9pm. This is us, Sweetie cuddles better than the dog.

I'm trying to get better at taking pictures of our life throughout the day, mostly for my sweet parents that miss us, but also because I'm a lousy scrap-book-maker.