happily ever after: Thankful Thursday

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday

In an effort to be joyful in Christ, I have found that being thankful in all things is the only way. Sometimes I share that Thankful List.

1. Repentance and forgiveness. Having repentance, receiving forgiveness and giving forgiveness. Love.

2. A wise husband who leads. And is pretty hot while doing it.

3. Teenage boys who still love their mama and don't mind showing it. And don't mind when she needs to kiss them and hug them, even if it's in front of their friends.

4. Enjoying TV shows with the whole family, while snuggling under a blanket. Even if the dog was 'pahooting' the whole time and driving us mad.

(pahooting (v): a made up word meaning 'fart', but I don't say 'fart' on this blog, cuz my Daddy reads it and he doesn't like me to use that word.)

5. Finally going to Ladies Bible Study at church and being so blessed by being so deep in the Word. Thank you sweet friends who held me accountable.

6. Making homemade Chicken Pot Pie for the Small Group last night and it being the epic comfort food. Even if I did make it the size of Texas and it sloshed all over the place in the car.

7. Making another pile of clothes to take to the Consignment Shop in town. Love that store, to buy and to sell.

8. Coffee in the morning and water, water, water all day long. So thankful we live in a country where we have plenty of fresh clean water to drink.

9. My church. Lately I have had a renewed love for our church. So thankful for our pastors and their wisdom and how they lead us.

10. Conversation on the phone with my sister, even if it was on her 15 minute work break and we had to both talk a mile a minute to get everything in. Was still precious.

**And these too, are the honorable mention for this week. They are on vacation with my aunt and uncle right now. Obviously having way too much fun. They are too cute, this picture is not a clear example of it, but still, how fun are they? Very thankful for them, their marriage, the strong foundation they gave me, the example they are to me, the way they love me. (sniff, sniff)